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It’s Pat is a comedy film that was written by Jim Emerson and Stephen Hibbert, based upon characters created by the star of the film, Julia Sweeney. Directed by Adam Bernstein, also featured in the film are David Foley, Kathy Griffin, Charles Rocket and Julie Hayden. The story revolves around an eccentric and androgynous person named Pat. Consistent with the story are all of the perplexed and confused people who encounter Pat. She has difficulties maintaining a job. She gets fired from a postal route since she was found to be opening people's mail. When she works at a sushi restaurant, she is fired after sneezing into an order of food.

Neighbors, casual acquaintances and co-workers alike find it impossible to decide, or even ask about the gender of the socially awkward figure before them. With asexual attire and short hair, no one is sure if Pat is in fact a male or female.

While working at the gas company, Pat meets Chris (played by David Foley). His hippie attire and hairstyle seems just as confusing as Pat's. Despite or because of their androgyny and all that they seem to have in come, they fall in love and become engaged.

Kyle, (played by Charles Rocket) is the stuffy neighbor who becomes so compulsive about Pat that he does not seem to care what gender the object of his affection actually is.

Also in the film is noteworthy author, Camille Paglia who indulges in a parody of herself, making commentary on the importance of Pat's androgyny in world culture.

Pat does a karaoke performance at her engagement party that winds up on a television show called America's Creepiest People. Chris winds up calling off the engagement, as he is incapable of dealing with the pressures.

Heartbroken, Pat manages to get included in a radio talk show that is operated by her neighbor Kathy (played by Kathy Griffin). As a result, she becomes a host of the show. Chris attempts to make up with her as Kyle continues to try to find out which gender Pat actually is.

| 1994 | 1 hr 17 min | 2.7/10
Julia Sweeney, Dave Foley, Charles Rocket, Kathy Griffin
Adam Bernstein
Produced By
Charles B. Wessler

Also directed by Adam Bernstein

Also starring Julia Sweeney

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