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NewsRadio is a hit comedy television series that aired for five seasons and 97 episodes. The show had a cast of comedy all-stars. The cast consisted of Dave Foley, Phil Hartman, Stephen Root, Maura Tierney, Andy Dick, Joe Rogan, Vicki Lewis and Khandi Alexander. Jon Lovitz joined the cast for season five after the passing of Phil Hartman.

The show is about WNYX, an all-news radio station in New York City. The show was written for the quick-witted delivery of the cast. The station was a bit different than a normal station and was staffed with a very eccentric and quirky staff.

The pilot episode of NewsRadio started with the arrival of the new station manager, Dave Nelson. Dave has relocated to New York from the Midwest. Initially the station mistakes him for a young and na

NewsRadio is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (98 episodes). The series first aired on March 21, 1995. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.9.

NewsRadio is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch NewsRadio on demand at Crackle Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, iTunes, Crackle online.

5 Seasons, 98 Episodes
March 21, 1995
Cast: Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Andy Dick, Joe Rogan, Maura Tierney
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  • Following Jimmy's departure, the station staff is too despondent to work. Insisting that his absence is only temporary, Dave feels vindicated when Jimmy returns. However, after announcing that he's back just long enough to complete the sale of the station, Jimmy takes Dave aside to complain about being lonely and asks him to move to New Hampshire, too. After insisting that he can spare no one, Dave reconsiders and suggests that Jimmy take Matthew instead. While Matthew suspects some powerful reverse psychology is being employed to get him to accept the offer, Beth, Lisa and Joe all agree that he would never make it outside New York. However, when Jimmy suggests that they all come along, Dave must then keep everyone from defecting. Meanwhile, after Matthew accepts the offer, Lisa decides to follow Jimmy to New Hampshire for the upcoming presidential primary election. In the wake of Lisa's resignation, Dave learns that Beth and Max are going to New Hampshire, too.

  • Having agreed to switch jobs for a day, Jimmy goes to work as a reporter at the station while Matthew becomes a tycoon. But as Dave keeps Jimmy from trying to make news that he can then cover, Matthew calls on Joe for help to turn on the computer in his new office. Meanwhile, after Dave bars Max from the breakroom for stealing food, Beth is caught using false names to cash in on a free CD offer. Out of boredom, Jimmy decides to do a little trading in the stock market for Matthew. But Matthew's efforts to do the same in his boss's account cost Jimmy his entire multi-billion dollar fortune. Meanwhile, as Beth tries enlisting the staff in an effort to hide her stolen CD's, Dave keeps Max from eating anywhere at the station. With Dave doing everything he can to keep Jimmy from killing Matthew, Beth resigns herself to the fact that her CD scam is going to send her to jail.

  • Having finally had enough of the staff's lax behavior, Dave wants to set an example by firing someone. As an alternative, Lisa recommends giving them one more chance by asking everyone to submit a written description of their job. After receiving Lisa's forty-page submission, Dave asks for the others at a staff meeting. However, when everyone else falls short, he's still intent on letting someone go. As he and Max turn to Joe for martial arts lessons, a protective suit makes Matthew feel invincible to everything, including Dave's threats. And after deciding that once a year is too limiting, Jimmy sends Beth out to collect all the Mother's Day cards she can find before setting out to make every day one to celebrate mothers. After begging everyone to comply with Dave's request, Lisa is surprised when Jimmy takes to the air to announce his Million Mommas March on Washington, D.C.

  • When Max announces that he's quitting, Dave is more than happy to let him go. But when Beth claims that it's only because she hasn't given in to Max's request for a date, Jimmy asks Dave to talk him out of leaving. And when confronted about his choice, Max admits it's all a ploy to get Beth in bed. Meanwhile, Joe and Matthew disagree over Lisa's changing her name now that she's married. In order to keep Beth from learning the truth, Max asks Dave for help. To allow Max to save face, Jimmy orders Dave to let the staff see him begging him to stay. But even though Dave complies, Max still bolts. Meanwhile, as Joe insists that Lisa's name has value for her career, Matthew tries coming up with one that's more exciting. With Max gone, Beth is convinced that he wasn't faking it after all. Playing along, Dave doesn't admit to groveling as a way of getting Max to stay. After tracking him down in the men's bathroom, Dave suggests that Max's ploy may be working after all.

  • When they both find themselves looking at the same apartment, Dave and Lisa each ask for a personal reference from their boss. Unable to make up his mind, Jimmy turns to the staff for their advice. But even Dave and Lisa's courting Matthew's vote by submitting to a series of questions fails to break the deadlock. Meanwhile, Jimmy gives Joe one day to improve the station's shabby Internet web page. In order to aid in their decision, the staff asks to see the apartment for themselves. While it doesn't help with the choice between Dave and Lisa, it does inspire Max to want the apartment for himself. And after persuading the landlady to accept just one more application, Max joins Dave and Lisa in their race. Meanwhile, Joe casts Beth, Matthew and Max in an outrageous soap opera to boost the visibility of WNYX's website. After giving each of the candidates a chance to state their views, Jimmy is prepared to let the rest of the staff choose which one gets the apartment.

  • As Johnny is starting to celebrate his successful takeover of the James corporate empire, Jimmy prepares to mount a defense in the D.B. Cooper hijacking trial. With the case looking grim, even Dave sees that he'll probably be working for Johnny soon. However, when Jimmy reveals the identity of the real D.B. Cooper, actor Adam West comes forward to accept responsibility for the nearly three decades old crime. Back at the station, Jimmy discovers that Board of Directors has made Johnny the new CEO. Realizing that he's lost the battle to control the business, Jimmy agrees to leave, accepting ownership of a string of failing Internet cafes long with his choice of one employee. In a last ditch effort to see the business restored to its rightful owner, Lisa offers to marry Johnny if only he'll return the company to Jimmy. But after Johnny turns his own charms on Lisa, Joe challenges him to a fight to the finish, only to have his efforts undermined when Matthew backs him up.

  • When a physical indicates that Dave's blood pressure is on the rise, Jimmy worries about what all the stress at work is doing to him. To calm him down, Joe builds Dave a powerful white noise generator. And while skeptical at first, it doesn't take long for Dave to become addicted to the machine's soothing sounds. Meanwhile, as he and Lisa square off over her new on-air history segments, Max asks Beth to make Matthew to stop hating him. After Beth convinces Matthew to treat him with some tender loving care, Max upsets Lisa by going on the air with a history segment of his own. But when Lisa tries to complain, she finds that, because of the white noise machine's effect, Dave doesn't care. After Matthew fails to snap him out of it, Lisa intervenes by removing the generator from Dave's office. However, when he simply follows her around, Lisa's efforts only end up causing problems for everyone else, too.

  • Having decided that he should have been promoted to replace Bill, Matthew sets out on a campaign to get Max fired. However, when Dave refuses to do anything about it and Matthew enlists Joe in an effort to discredit Max, they discover his resume isn't all that it appears. Meanwhile, Jimmy sends Lisa undercover to expose a restaurant's unsanitary practices. Alerted to the problems with his resume, Dave calls Max in to his office to explain. And after Beth finds him hiding in the men's room, Max explains that no one at any of the stations he worked at remembers him because he used a different name and different persona at each job. Meanwhile, as a result of her hard work at Lucky Burger, Lisa is promoted to assistant manager. So, when Jimmy presses her to finish up her investigation, she claims that all the problems at the restaurant have been fixed. Even as Matthew steps up his campaign to have him fired, Max attempts to create a new identity for his job at WNYX.

  • As a result of an exhaustive search, Dave has narrowed the field of highly qualified candidates to replace Bill. But a look through the reject's resumes leads everyone else to settle on Max Louis -- an old friend of Bill's who hasn't been able to hold down a job for the past twenty years. And at the insistence of the staff, Dave consents to give Max a try. Meanwhile, Joe's efforts to protect their computers against the Millennium Bug causes the office's electronic devices to self-destruct. Having been fired so many times in the past has placed a heavy load on Max. Even though he is ready to move on before he can get started, Dave insists that, regardless of what happens, Max isn't about to be fired. Yet, once everyone gets a chance to meet him and they demand he be let go at once, Dave says they will now have to live with their choice and guarantees Max that his job is absolutely safe for the next two weeks.

  • Following Bill's death from a heart attack, his colleagues at WNYX mourn him at a memorial service. And though everyone agrees that Dave's two hour-plus eulogy was awful, they refuse to admit it to his face. Meanwhile, when Matthew claims that Bill isn't really dead, Lisa disagrees with the decision to humor him for awhile. As the staff shares how they dealt with their grief over Bill's passing, Lisa admits to drinking heavily for a few days and quickly gets a reputation as an alcoholic. Then, in an effort to make up for his poor performance at the memorial service, Dave insists on re-editing his eulogy. And when pressed to give his candid assessment of the speech, Jimmy tries to make Dave feel better by admitting that it was horrible. As former news anchor Catherine Duke arrives from London just in time to miss the funeral, Dave produces envelopes for everyone that Bill left to be opened after his death.

  • Instead of working at WNYX, the "NewsRadio" cast are the crew aboard the ocean liner, the Titanic. With Dave as its captain and Jimmy the fateful ship's owner, their colleagues serve as the rest of the crew, from the aristocratic and stuffy Bill down to the lowly and impoverished Walt. As Dave puts Matthew on iceberg watch, Bill complains about Walt being allowed out of steerage. And while Bill warns of the dire consequences of allowing the upper and lower classes to mix, Matthew refuses to take his job seriously. Warned of Walt's designs on Lisa, Dave gives her an elaborate and expensive diamond necklace for her birthday. But as Bill continues to try and convince Dave that strong action against Walt is justified, Matthew's inattentiveness causes the great ship to hit an iceberg. And as Jimmy and Joe try to convince everyone that things are fine, they begin to sink.

  • When Beth's vacation leaves Lisa as the only woman at the office, her co-workers soon start treating her just like one of the guys. When she gets someone to fill while Beth is away, the men suddenly reverse their loutish behavior. But Lisa's reaction ends up scaring their temp away. Meanwhile, Bill is offended when Dave hires a voice actor for some new commercials. After declaring the building a historic landmark, Jimmy tries to take advantage of a generous tax loophole by providing guided tours. As the tours disrupt work at the station, Bill lobbies for the chance at the new commercials. But once Dave and Jimmy hear the actor they hired in action, they're convinced they made the right choice. Although reluctant after what she's already seen, Lisa joins everyone in the break room where the men are holding a very proper and civilized tea party. While sure that they are simply mocking her, Lisa fails to realize that the tea party is a regular Wednesday afternoon affair.

  • After inviting everyone to an evening at his men's club, Jimmy announces that the entertainment will be an all-out fight between Matthew and Joe. And while Joe worries about hurting him, Matthew is ready to rumble. Meanwhile, after reminding Dave about the crush Walt has on her, Bill desperately wants Lisa to discuss her love life with him. In addition to Joe, both Lisa and Beth are concerned for Matthew's safety. But, despite being warned of the potentially disastrous consequences, Matthew refuses to back down, relishing the opportunity to take on Joe in a fight to the finish. Meanwhile, as Lisa starts enjoying his attention, Walt decides to ask her on a date. After discovering Lisa is going with him to the men's club along with everyone else, Dave tries to dampen Walt's expectations. And as Bill uses the phone to quiz Lisa about her relationship with Walt, Beth joins Dave at the fight where Matthew's tickling gets Joe to concede.

  • Following a tragic accident with the office copy machine, Dave announces the death of an accounting department employee. Because he didn't really know Ted, Dave has a hard time mustering much grief over the loss. However, as Jimmy tries to get Dave to let his feelings out, Joe reveals that it was his modifications to the copier that caused Ted's death. And despite Lisa's efforts to comfort him, the responsibility weighs heavily on Joe, who tries flushing his tools down a toilet to keep from ever working again. As Matthew and Beth try getting Dave to open up about his grief, Jimmy arrives with Ted's college roommate, Jack. Asked by the family to deliver a eulogy at the funeral, Jack wants to spend some time with Ted's colleagues to help him prepare. While Dave is honest about their limited contact, Bill doesn't hesitate to regale Jack with his fictional accounts of the late accountant's life.

  • In order to outdo his fellow billionaires, Jimmy has decided to circle the globe alone in a hot air balloon. And despite the concerns of his staff over the danger, he calls a press conference before leaving with Joe for a secret rendezvous with his balloon. Meanwhile, when Bill gives up smoking for chewing tobacco, Dave struggles to keep him from using his coffee cup for a spittoon. Worried about their boss, Lisa, Matthew, Dave and Beth all watch attentively as a TV newscaster tracks Jimmy's progress. However, Dave realizes that something altogether different is going on when he spots Jimmy sneaking a cup of coffee from the station's break room. Chasing him to the basement, he discovers a TV studio in where Jimmy and Joe have masterminded an elaborate hoax. And while Dave won't go along with the ruse, he agrees to give Jimmy twelve hours to bring it to an honorable end.

  • Once he has determined that their productivity has been decreasing ever since they broke up, Jimmy encourages Dave and Lisa to reunite, or at least to start having sex again. Though unwilling to be pressured, Lisa gets Dave to agree that Jimmy's proposal may have merit. Meanwhile, as Bill interviews documentary filmmaker Ken Burns for Catherine's old job, Matthew gets a toy car for his birthday. As Jimmy works to create a romantic mood, Lisa and Dave agree to give him a chance. Failing to restart their sexual relationship, Jimmy lets Bill take a crack at it. But when he tries jealousy as a way of encouraging his sexual interest in Lisa, Dave refuses to take the bait. Meanwhile, an accident with his new toy car leaves Matthew despondent, until the woman he hit agrees to a date. Deciding that it might be just sex that motivates Dave and Lisa, Jimmy hires a pair of beautiful but incompetent assistants. As a result, Dave and Lisa decide that things have gotten out of hand.

  • To stem a rash of thefts in the office, Dave installs a security door to keep out unwanted strangers. However, while Dave is intent on seeing that the station is safe, the rest of the staff sees it as an inconvenience to be circumvented. Meanwhile, as Jimmy carefully monitors the station's news broadcasts, Bill asks Lisa to be his agent for a television commercial. But he still can't keep from interfering with her negotiations. As Dave continues to tout their need for the door, his colleagues try to make it seem unnecessary, and even dangerous. While trying to prove its worthiness, Dave is accidentally locked outside without his key. So in an attempt to demonstrate it's need, he stages an elaborate presentation. Meanwhile, when Bill fears being taken advantage of in the TV commercial deal, Lisa tries to bolster his confidence.

  • When Bill announces that he wants to adopt a baby, no one can believe it. And while Dave and Lisa try to explain just how hard it is to be a single parent, Bill is determined to follow through with the adoption regardless of the sacrifices. Meanwhile, Beth agrees to pose as a wealthy duchess in order to make the winning bid for Jimmy at a charity bachelor auction. As Joe helps Beth rehearse for her role as the Duchess of Greater North Chesterborough, Dave and Lisa arrange a field trip to a nearby playground to watch real parents in action. After watching Bill help comfort a crying child, Dave reconsiders his opinion of him as a father. However, Lisa wonders if he can provide the same highly structured upbringing her parents gave her. Meanwhile, Beth tells everyone at the auction that Joe is her homosexual escort. While at the adoption agency, Dave and Lisa argue over the merits of their respective childhoods while Bill passes the time talking to a couple who are there to adopt.

  • When Bill's unpredictability makes it difficult for Lisa to run the station, she and Dave devise a plan to make him realize just how tough the job is. While Lisa and Dave team up to force Bill into the top job, a labor strike forces Joe to picket the station. And as Joe tries to help Beth fill in for him, it's when the office coffee maker breaks down that Bill shows he knows more about running the station than anyone thought. As doing the news again rekindles Lisa's passion for radio, Dave finds Bill sitting at the piano he's brought into the office to help him think. When Dave finds his co-workers busy with meaningless projects, Bill claims that appearances are important, too. However, when Dave insists that Matthew and Beth stop their fake work tasks, Bill manages to shift the blame away from himself and onto Dave. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries persuading Joe to return to work.

  • As Lisa anxiously prepares to lead her first staff meeting, Dave plots to get his job back by becoming pure evil. To make sure he's deemed unfit as a producer, he allows Bill to go on the air with some fake interviews with President Bill Clinton. However, after letting Bill run one laced with obscenities, Dave is surprised when Jimmy simply denies any knowledge of it and refuses to fire him. Meanwhile, Lisa's efforts to run a tight ship are hampered by Matthew's spending the night in her office. And when her first staff meeting is quickly brought to a close by her choking on a piece of gum, Dave senses his chances of getting the job back are improving. After insisting that Matthew find somewhere else to sleep at night, Lisa decides to win the staff's approval by providing snacks for their meeting. Despite Beth's warnings that it would be trying too hard, Lisa's elaborate snacks sweep everyone off their feet.

  • Having had enough of the station's financial losses, Jimmy decides that the time has come for drastic action. While Dave offers to come up with a plan to keep everyone's job, Jimmy brings in an efficiency expert. And though Andrea does her best to put them at ease, everyone realizes that they could be the one who's fired. Although Matthew is more than willing to find a way to prove just how efficient they are, Joe, Beth, Lisa and Catherine all quickly realize that he's likely to be the first one fired. And despite their efforts to make him look good, Matthew manages to prove they are right. Meanwhile, seeing the handwriting on the wall, Bill auditions for a TV news job. In hopes of keeping Matthew on the staff, Dave sets out to convince Andrea that an anonymous accountant is the station's least effective employee. However, things backfire when, after Dave builds up Matthew, Andrea suggests doing without Lisa.

  • After finding a man outside his office window threatening to jump, Dave does his best to remain calm as he tries to call the police. But as Joe's work on the office phone system makes it hard for Dave, Bill does his best to make sure the police don't show so he can be a hero by rescuing Mike. And even though Dave insists on waiting for the police, Joe helps Bill out the window in order to rescue Mike while still live on the air. Even though Bill has made contact with Mike, Dave still refuses to put them on the radio. After Mike makes it clear that all he wants is to read a statement attacking his former employer, Jimmy agrees provided that he can be secured with a safety line. But before they can get started Mike falls, pulling Bill from the ledge, too.

NewsRadio News

Andy Dick Fired for Alleged Sexual Harassment

The news is perhaps the least-surprising sexual harassment scandal of recent weeks.

Andy Dick Arrested for Andy Dick-ish Behavior

Known for over the top comedy and sometimes genius-level, razor-sharp wit, Andy Dick has made audiences laugh uncomfortably for years on shows like "NewsRadio" and "Community." It's the other side of Dick, the side that landed him on "Celebrity Rehab," that could (and maybe should) ultimately end up putting him behind bars for a while. Dick was arrested Monday night at a Marie Callender's in Temecula, California, for causing a disturbance and being blatantly intoxicated.