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Mad About You is a sitcom created by Paul Reiser and Danny Jacobson. Paul Reiser, along with Helen Hunt, Anne Ramsay, Leila Kenzle, John Pankow and Richard Kind are the stars of the show. Mad About You is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (165 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 1992.

Where do I stream Mad About You online? Mad About You is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mad About You on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, iTunes online.

7 Seasons, 165 Episodes
September 23, 1992
Cast: Helen Hunt, Anne Ramsay, John Pankow, Paul Reiser, Leila Kenzle
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Mad About You Full Episode Guide

  • Mabel's first real film is a biography, looking back at her family's twisted history.

  • Mabel's first real film is a biography, looking back at her family's twisted history.

  • When Debbie compiles Buchman and Stemple family trees, she learns that Paul and Jamie are actually cousins.

  • Paul accidentally runs over Jamie's mother. While she is in the hospital, her estranged husband visits.

  • Paul and Jamie discover the extra comfort of sleeping apart. Marvin is wrestling part time and Ira becomes his manager.

  • Jamie's dress is ruined by a dry cleaner who is unwilling to make restitution. Paul has a dream where Einstein gives him a partial solution to the millennium bug. He needs to have the dream again, so he can get the rest of the solution.

  • Sheila declares Paul and Jamie cured. However, Murray is still traumatized by the earlier puma attack, so Paul and Jamie enter him in a dog show.

  • Uncle Phil goes back to high school. Lisa gets breast implants.

  • The couple learns that Jamie will be in bed with Mark McGwire via virtual reality.

  • Paul and Jamie spend an unsettling trial night in the suburbs.

  • Dr. Lee helps Paul and Jamie get away to a much-anticipated honeymoon while Lisa cares for Murray.

  • To save the store, Ira plans to give away a car to the person who keeps their hand on it the longest. Since he can't afford it, he wants all of the contestants to be ringers.

  • When Paul inadvertently injures Hal, he hires the nurse who attended to him after his tonsil removal. Jamie hates her, which leads to a fight. To end the argument, Hal suggests the British tradition of burying the fight.

  • Jamie and Paul have a full house for Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, Mabel may be allergic.

  • Paul and Jamie go to L.A. to try to get superagent Gardner Malloy to represent him. The life of luxury makes them reluctant to go back.

  • To satisfy her need to mother, Lisa adopts a cat with attitude. Jamie learns the benefits of a "nooner."

  • Jamie's ex-boyfriend dies and leaves everything to her. Debbie has second thoughts about marrying Joan.

  • When Paul gets his tonsils taken out, his pretty nurse makes Jamie jealous. Meanwhile, Mabel says her first word.

  • Paul and Jamie search for a full-time nanny, and Paul finds one in the form of Nancy Bloom, a caterer he inadvertently got fired from the production of a documentary about "The Making of Titanic."

  • Paul and Jamie act as matchmakers for dogwalker Nat and babysitter Arley. Meanwhile, Ira tries giving up sex, and Paul makes a discovery about Jamie when they go to a sleep clinic.

  • Paul's life flashes before his eyes when he takes a spill in the shower.

  • Paul tries to pick a Mother's Day present for Jamie, but Ira and Marvin have better ideas: a rocking chair and a message displayed on the Times Square video screen. Sylvia is jealous of Jamie's gifts and fakes injury to steal attention.

  • Paul convinces Jamie to quit her job. Joan is posing for "The 20 Most Eligible Bachelorettes in New York" for a magazine and Debbie is jealous. Paul, Jamie, Ira, Joan and Debbie go to Riff's, where a fire breaks out while Paul is in the bathroom. Ira saves Ursula's life while Jamie, Debbie and Joan run out, leaving Paul in the bathroom. Joan asks Debbie to marry her.

  • Paul, Jamie and Ira decide to make a baby video. However, Paul starring as the Sandman frightens kids and turns them off to the concept. Meanwhile, Paul's parents tell him he has a half-brother.

  • Paul's birthday party turns into an event worthy of a detective mystery when Maggie and Hal suspect Buchman party guests of stealing a prestigious painting from their adjacent apartment. Meanwhile, Marvin gets into a growling match with Murray.

  • When Paul innocently flips a coin to make a decision, Paul's former producer overhears a conversation that puts Paul and Jamie in the limelight with the tabloid program "Hard Copy." Also, Ira finds that he's the prime suspect in a paternity case, and Paul's parents try their luck in Atlantic City.

  • Jamie discovers that Paul was married before--if only to get an old Russian woman U.S. citizenship. Jamie's upset that she is, indeed, the second Mrs. Buchman. Meanwhile, Paul is an umpire for his father's senior-citizen baseball game, and a fight erupts between father and son over a call.

  • Jamie decides to go back to work, and everything says to go back to work. There's only one problem: she doesn't want to and tries to get herself fired. Meanwhile, Paul confronts the newspaper journalist who wrote an article filled with errors about "Buchman."

  • When Paul gives a speech at a college, he's shocked to discover that Jamie lost her virginity to the visiting professor. It's a comedy of errors as the professor believes Paul is angry and wants to do the professor harm. Meanwhile, Ira meets a woman who flirts with him only to get better burial plots.

  • Jamie is reluctant to stop breast-feeding exclusively, but she knows it's time for the baby to learn to feed from the bottle, while Paul is excited to be able to feed the baby for the first time. Meanwhile, Jamie's upset to learn that her mom is dating a much younger man, a dancer from "Lord of the Dance."

  • Paul and Jamie try to help each other get through the excruciating process of "Ferberizing" the baby--they must allow the child to cry herself to sleep without comforting her. The psychological and moral implications of this are discussed and debated at length.

  • Paul and Jamie meet a new neighbor, Sarah, a divorced mother of three who manages to teach Jamie a more casual style of parenting. Also, Paul and Jamie conspire to set up Sarah on a blind date with Ira.

  • Jamie resents being tagged with the dime-store psychological cliche that is postpartum depression, and almost wrecks the wedding plans of a stranger. Meanwhile, Paul directs a charity production of "The Pirates of Penzance."

  • Jamie stumbles upon a strange cure to Mabel's crying fits, while Paul valiently tries to catch a few winks before an important meeting with a Belgian distributor.

  • Jamie kicks off a letter-writing spree by penning one to her infant daughter to be read on her 18th birthday. Ira and Joan join in on the fun, while Paul goes through draft after draft.

  • The first day back from the hospital finds Paul and Jamie still figuring out how to care for their daughter and what to name her, until help arrives in the form of Jamie's mother.

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