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  • TV-14
  • 1977
  • 4 Seasons
  • 8.2  (8,137)

Soap was an American sitcom that aired on ABC from 1977 to 1981. The show was a satirical take on soap operas, with the main characters often experiencing outlandish and absurd situations. The show was created by Susan Harris, who would go on to create other successful sitcoms like The Golden Girls.

One of the main characters on the show was Jessica Tate, played by Katherine Helmond. Jessica Tate was the matriarch of the Tate family and often found herself in bizarre circumstances, including being kidnapped by aliens and held for ransom. She had a strained relationship with her husband, Chester Tate, played by Robert Mandan, who was a philanderer and constantly cheating on her.

Cathryn Damon played Mary Campbell, Jessica's sister, who was often trying to find a man to settle down with. She ended up marrying Burt Campbell, played by Richard Mulligan, who was a self-proclaimed "dummy" but had a heart of gold.

Robert Guillaume played Benson, the Tate family butler, who would go on to star in his own spin-off show called Benson. Benson was often the voice of reason on the show and would sometimes break the fourth wall to address the audience.

Jimmy Baio played Billy Tate, the youngest member of the Tate family. He was often caught up in his own love life, which included relationships with both men and women.

One of the most controversial storylines on the show was the character of Jodie Dallas, played by Billy Crystal. Jodie was one of the first openly gay characters on television and the show dealt with his coming out and subsequent relationships. The storyline was praised for its depiction of a gay character but also faced backlash from conservative groups.

The structure of the show was unique in that it followed multiple storylines at once and often ended episodes on cliffhangers. Soap operas were notorious for their melodrama and Soap played into that by exaggerating the plotlines and adding comedic elements.

The show was a critical and commercial success during its run, but faced controversy from some groups who claimed it was too vulgar and inappropriate for television. The show tackled controversial topics like homosexuality, infidelity, and even murder. Despite the controversy, the show won four Emmy Awards during its run and remains a cult favorite to this day.

In conclusion, Soap was a groundbreaking sitcom that parodied soap operas while also tackling complex issues. The show had a talented cast of actors who brought their unique characters to life in a way that was both hilarious and touching. While the show courted controversy during its run, it remains a classic example of how sitcoms can push boundaries and challenge societal norms.

Soap is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (90 episodes). The series first aired on September 13, 1977.

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Episode 89
19. Episode 89
May 11, 1981
During a round of golf, Burt receives an unexpected offer from the governor, while Danny's infatuation with his stepmother, Annie, erupts into a full-fledged affair.
Episode 88
18. Episode 88
May 4, 1981
Part 2 of Season 4: Episode 17.
Episode 87
17. Episode 87
April 27, 1981
Part 1 of 2. As sex with Jessica proves unsettling to El, the news that Chester and Annie are married provokes a confrontation; Jodie asks a psychiatrist to use hypnosis to help him with his indecision over marrying Maggie.
Episode 86
16. Episode 86
April 20, 1981
Part 2 of Season 4: Episode 15.
Episode 85
15. Episode 85
April 13, 1981
Part 1 of 2. As Mary accuses him of changing as a result of his newfound celebrity, Burt worries that Danny's plans to marry a hooker will damage his reputation.
Episode 84
14. Episode 84
March 23, 1981
Part 2 of Season 4: Episode 13.
Episode 83
13. Episode 83
March 16, 1981
Part 1 of 2. After telling Burt the truth about Danny's real father, Mary recalls the day that Jessica and Chester announced their engagement; meanwhile, awaiting their fate in the ninja dungeon, Jodie proposes to Maggie after they have sex.
Episode 82
12. Episode 82
March 9, 1981
The search for Wendy leads Jodie and Maggie to a martial arts compound; Burt struggles to explain his crackdown on a crime syndicate; and Danny learns that Chester is both his organ donor and his real father.
Episode 81
11. Episode 81
January 28, 1981
Mary shocks everyone with the identity of Danny's real father; Burt looks to avenge Danny's shooting by crashing a mob syndicate meeting; and Jessica's romance with El is threatened by a prostitute.
Episode 80
10. Episode 80
January 21, 1981
Romance and violence are equally a part of Jessica's homecoming as new couples begin to form and death stalks at least three of this extended family.
Episode 79
9. Episode 79
January 14, 1981
Adrift in a rowboat, Jessica and fleeing guerilla leader El Puerco face certain death until Billy puts in a hilarious appearance with the biggest fish story of all time; and call girl Gwen is under Danny's special brand of police protection.
Episode 78
8. Episode 78
January 7, 1981
Unable to bring himself to kill Burt, Danny goes into hiding from the mob; Bob, the ventriloquist's dummy, continues to make life horrible for the Campbells and Tates.
Episode 77
7. Episode 77
December 31, 1980
The Major kidnaps a neighbor; Claire fails to convince Jessica that Chester is cheating; Danny traps Burt in a cabin with intent to kill.
Episode 76
6. Episode 76
December 17, 1980
Corinne moves out of the Tate house; Burt announces the return of son Chuck, the ventriloquist; Danny gets one last chance to kill Burt.
Episode 75
5. Episode 75
December 10, 1980
There is chaos in the skies when Jessica, airbound for a tropical vacation, releases a condemned revolutionary from his chains, who then tells her that she will be joining his band of guerrillas; and Chester, ever the womanizer, disrupts Dutch.
Episode 74
4. Episode 74
December 3, 1980
Jessica comes home from the hospital to find her family's lives in hilarious chaos as Dutch and Eunice provoke Chester to mayhem by announcing marriage plans; and a shocked Mary reveals the scandalous photos she has found of Burt.
Episode 73
3. Episode 73
November 26, 1980
Jessica has startling news for all the men in her life; Danny receives some bad news from Polly; Corinne tells Jessica that she is leaving for California; and baby Wendy has been kidnapped.
Episode 72
2. Episode 72
November 19, 1980
Part 2 of Season 4: Episode 1.
Episode 71
1. Episode 71
November 12, 1980
Part 1 of 2. Billy's life is spared, but Saunders receives a surprise; Mary has her baby; Burt and Danny receive some startling photos; Eunice wins Dutch from Corinne; and a judge decides Jodie's custody case.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 13, 1977
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (8,137)