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Color of the cross is movie about Jesus Christ. However, the story in this film has a unique interpretation of Jesus as a black man. In this Film, Jesus and his 12 disciples go to the city of Arimathea, a city ruled by the Roman Empire, and therefore highly discriminative against Jewish people. Jesus and his 12 disciples travel to the city of Arimathea to celebrate the Jewish Passover. Upon their arrival however, Jesus and his company's rising popularity amongst the Jewish people in the biblical city of Arimathea rises a threat to the Roman Empire as word spreads that Jesus of Nazareth, a black man, claims to be the messiah.

| | 1 hr 28 min
Jean Claude Lamarre, Debbi Morgan, David Gianopoulos, Elya Baskin, Jacinto Taras Riddick
Jean-Claude La Marre, Jean Claude Lamarre
Color of the Cross
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