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Donovan's Brain is a film that was released in 1953. It is a sci-fi/horror film. The film is based on a horror novel, Donovan's Brain, that was written in 1942 by Curt Siodmak. The film is about a scientist who preserves the brain of a millionaire in a tank in order to keep it alive. The film revolves around a millionaire megalomaniac named W.H. Donovan. After a critical plane crash, a scientist works hard to keep Donovan's brain alive. However, the brain of W.H. Donovan begins to become much more than just a human brain that is being preserved in a tank.

| | 1 hr 25 min
Lew Ayres, Nancy Reagan, Gene Evans, Lisa Howard, Tom Powers
MGM Home Entertainment
Felix Feist, Felix E. Feist
Donovan's Brain

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