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Fairytale of Kathmandu is a 2007 documentary by Neasa N Chianin.
The documentary focused on visits by the poet Cathal Searcaigh to Nepal during which he had close relationships with many young men of 16 years old or older. The documentary questioned whether Searcaigh's relationships with these youths were exploitative and whether they demonstrated a power and wealth imbalance between the 50 year old Searcaigh and the young Nepalese. Searcaigh is presented in the documentary as paying for the housing, food, bicycles and clothing of boys as young as 16 years old, and he admits on camera to having sex with some of them, although he denies that he abused them or that he coerced them into having sex with him.
According to Searcaigh, he had sexual relationships with only a "small fraction" of them, and that he has never indulged in anal intercourse in Nepal.
In March, 2008, Liam Gaskin, who had been acting as his public spokesman, stood down as a result of a DVD launched to defend Cathal Searcaigh by his supporters in Kathmandu. One of the people interviewed to support the poet turned out not to be one of those in the documentary, but someone with the same first name, who had also been filmed, but who failed to make the final cut. No one in Kathmandu had seen the film by then, and none of the people featured in the film had signed release forms. . Vinegar Hill, the production company, claimed that as the subjects were "peripheral" to the film, release forms were not used. However all three Nepalese youths interviewed in the film gave verbal permission for the use of their interviews in the film, and a trained counsellor, Krishan Thapa, director of an EU-funded Nepalese NGO, Voice of Children, was present for interviews with two of the three youths.
Searcaigh has only given two extended interviews since the film was broadcast. The first was in Irish, on Radi na Gaeltachta on 26th March, 2008 .
The second, "The Case for the Defence" was for Hot Press magazine, in English, in February 2009.

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Fairytale of Kathmandu