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| | 1 hr 28 min | Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Romance

In the movie Love Object, the main character Kenneth Winslow is an unusual man who is very shy around people. However, Kenneth is an experienced technical writer with a very creative mind. Due to his social awkwardness, and loneliness Kenneth orders a realistic sex-doll. He names his sex-doll "Nikki", and creates an unusual relationship to his sex-doll Nikki, imagining her as a real person of which he talks and argues with. As the film goes on, Kenneth becomes trapped in the delusion that his sex-doll Nikki is stalking him, and believes that she has become jealous of Kenneth's interest in Lisa, a real woman whom Kenneth works with.

Desmond Harrington, Melissa Sagemiller, Rip Torn, Udo Kier, Robert Bagnell
Robert Parigi
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Love Object
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