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"They’re tobacco chewin’, gut chompin’, cannibal kinfolk from Hell!"

This hilarious horror film takes the zombie theme out of the stereotype and plops it down into the middle of small-town America. When a family of hillbilly moonshiners find a wayward barrel of nuclear waste, they are unable to read the warning on the side and decide to use it for their latest batch of sour mash. The toxic brew offered more than just a way to get drunk. It turned them into Redneck Zombies! Unable to control themselves, they invite a group of outsiders camping close to their still to dinner. You won't want to miss what happens next!

| | 1 hr 23 min | 4.3/10
B.E. Benson, Lisa De Haven, Steve Sooy, Anthony M. Carr, Ken Davis
Troma Entertainment
Periciles Lewnes, Perciles Lewnes
Redneck Zombies

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