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| | 1 hr 46 min | Drama, Romance, Comedy

Killing Pablo is a documentary film that was made several years ago. It is a film that covers the rise and fall of a Colombian drug lord named Pablo Escobar. In the film, viewers will learn about how Escobar rose to power, ran a drug cartel and also how the Colombian and United State government attempted to put him out of commission. The film is a documentary so is full of narration. However it is still a very interesting movie and one that many people will likely find intriguing. For those who want to learn about historical events and certain people, Killing Pablo is among the better films you can get and see. This film got good reviews as well due to its complete coverage of the drug lord and his demise.

The film Killing Pablo introduces the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. In the beginning of the film, the audience is shown how he rose to power. He rose to power by discovering cocaine plants and then began to manufacture and sell this substance to many people. He was once a car thief who got involved in the drug business. What made him rise to power quickly was his tendency to use violence and murder anyone who got in his way towards reaching his goals. By the early 1980's he began to distribute large amounts of cocaine to the United States at a time when it was the most popular drug of choice. This decade was very prosperous for him as he became an instant multi millionaire. However the Colombian government was trying to eliminate him and his drug production. This was very difficult to do because Escobar would bribe authorities and even serve in the national senate. He would also offer to use his money to help pay off the national debt. Escobar was in charge of the famous Medellin Cartel. Throughout his time as a drug lord he would at times be arrested and convicted of drug trafficking. However his sentences would be light and offer very favorable conditions. At one time he would stay in a remote mansion with a soccer field and hold parties regularly. Due to drugs becoming a major problem in the United States and knowing that Colombia was the main exporter of cocaine, a collaborative effort between the United States and Colombian governments decided to shut him down for good. The United States sent special operations military forces along with the Navy SEALS to help the Colombian authorities hunt down and kill Escobar. With the help of a rebel group known as Los Pepes, the three parties were able to finally track down and murder Pablo Escobar in December of 1993. As a result his reign as a drug lord was over and the Colombian drug trade was forever changed. The worst of it was gone. A movie is set to be made within the next two years covering these events although a definite date is not set yet.

Amber Benson, Kristen Kerr, Johann Urb, Stevie Long
Joel Viertel
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