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The Underground Comedy Movie was a film directed by Vince Offer and released in 1999, starring the director himself in many of the primary roles. It features music by NOFX and Guttermouth, among others.
The film is compared to The Kentucky Fried Movie and mainly consists of crude lowbrow skits (such as Gena Lee Nolin loudly using the restroom and a superhero named "Dickman", who dresses in a giant penis costume and defeats his enemies by squirting them with semen), created by the director, based on sketches Offer originally performed on a cable access show he had hosted. The film went direct to video and consistently rates in IMDB's bottom 100 movies. Lawrence Van Gelder in The New York Times wrote a scathing review, saying the movie "stands as a monument to ineptitude and self-delusion."
Although the film was released and screened in 1999, Offer was ruined financially by 2002 and home video distribution plans were shelved. Offer, who had previously been a successful vegetable chopper salesman and businessman, resumed selling vegetable choppers at swap meets in order to support himself and raise money to complete his film project. Within a few months, he had earned enough to resume production, and the movie was finally completed, released, and marketed entirely on late-night infomercials which Offer funded with his earnings from the swap meet vegetable chopper sales. The film has sold in excess of 100,000 copies and Offer has used the proceeds from sales to file a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology.

Barbara Snellenberg, Rebecca Chaney, Gloria Sperling, Chris Watson, Vince Offer
Vince Offer
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