88 Antop Hill

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  • 2003
  • 2 hr 2 min
  • 4.6  (74)

88 Antop Hill is a Bollywood thriller movie that was released in the year 2003. It is a gripping tale of a young man who falls into trouble after moving into a new apartment at 88 Antop Hill. The film revolves around Pratyush Shelar, who is a young man in his late twenties, looking for a place to stay in Mumbai. When he finds a decent apartment at 88 Antop Hill, he believes his search has finally ended. Pratyush is a simple man who keeps to himself and tries to mind his own business.

Something sinister is brewing in the building, and the movie starts to unfold the dark secrets lurking in the shadows of the building. The movie starts with Pratyush moving into the building and starting his new life in his new apartment.

The first encounter with strange events happens when he finds a red diary in his apartment, with no name or any information related to the owner. The diary notes express the dark secrets of the people living in the apartments, each having their stories that are grave and mysterious.

Pratyush's murder-obsessed neighbor, called Jariwala, seems to know everything about the building that no one else knows. Jariwala claims that some of the previous residents disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and he is trying to uncover the truth.

As the movie moves forward, more secrets start to unravel, and Pratyush gets caught up in the middle of it all. The movie turns into a game of cat and mouse, as Pratyush tries to figure out what is happening around him and whether he will be the next victim.

The movie is full of suspenseful twists and turns that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The film's direction by Kushan Nandy and its cinematography are top-notch, creating a chilly atmosphere for the audience. The music by Taufiq Qureshi also adds to the movie's unsettling tone.

Atul Kulkarni plays the role of Pratyush, and he delivers an excellent performance in the movie. His character is well developed, and the audience can connect with his struggles and fear as he finds himself trapped in a situation that is beyond his control.

Rahul Dev and Suchitra Pillai also deliver noteworthy performances in the movie. Rahul Dev plays the role of Jariwala, the neighbor who seems to know everything about the building, and Suchitra Pillai plays the role of Suzie, a mysterious woman who Pratyush meets in the building.

What makes 88 Antop Hill a must-watch movie is its ability to keep the audience engaged throughout the movie. The screenplay is well written, and the pacing of the movie is just right. The movie's ending is satisfactory, bringing everything together and making all the loose ends meet.

In conclusion, 88 Antop Hill is a well-made movie that provides a thrilling experience for the audience. The movie is packed with suspenseful twists and turns that keep viewers engaged throughout. The performances of Atul Kulkarni, Rahul Dev, and Suchitra Pillai are noteworthy, making the movie a must-watch for all thriller enthusiasts.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 2 min
  • Language
  • IMDB Rating
    4.6  (74)