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Pukar is a thriller dipped in subtle romanticism and patriotism. In this movie the thrilling suspense is well maintained with short romantic and patriotic breaks. An inept Mishraji is kidnapped by a terrifying extremist namely Abrush (Danny Denzongpa). The extremist in return seeks a safe and hassle free exit. Major Jaidev (Anil Kapoor) portrays a heroic image in his home town for his bravery in detaining and questioning Abru sh, the terrifying terrorist. Madhuri Dixit portrays the the role of Anjali who is a childhood pal of Jai and she is in love with Major Jaidev.

The subtle turning point in the movie is reaped through the romantic affair of Jaidev with Pooja (Namrata Shirodkar) who is the daughter of a Colonel. The sweltering affair of Jaidev and Pooja ultimately gives in to marriage and they eventually decide to tie the wedding knot.

The above decision of Jai makes Anjali furious and she decides to take revenge. The best lesson she thought would be to help escape the extremist from the grip of Ajay. To pursue this plan she took the help of Secretary Tiwari and Colonel Rana.

Anjali eventually succeeds with her plan and Jai is held culpable for the escape of the extremist. He is finally court-martialled for his dubious crime and is secluded from society. He even loses his wife as she too leaves him.

The guilt consciousness begins to make Anjali repent. Jai finds out the conspiracy behind this whole plan and he also finds out the persons involved in this crime. As a typical Bollywood film his heroism arises and he desperately tries to help people.

2000 | | 6.8/10
Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Namrata Shirodkar, Om Puri
Rajkumar Santoshi
Produced By
Boney Kapoor, Surinder Kapoor
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