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"Fight The Power"
  • NR
  • 2001
  • 2 hr 59 min
  • 7.8  (17,457)

Nayak: The Real Hero is a Bollywood political action movie that was released in 2001. The movie features Anil Kapoor as Shivaji Rao, a prominent journalist who is offered the opportunity to become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra for a day. Shivaji Rao accepts the offer and embarks on a journey that exposes the rampant corruption in the Indian political system.

The movie's plot revolves around the idea of an ordinary citizen taking on the political establishment to bring about change. Shivaji Rao, who is known for his unbiased reporting, accepts the challenge of becoming the Chief Minister of Maharashtra for a day. The offer is made by the current Chief Minister Balraj Chauhan (Amrish Puri), who wants to improve his image through Shivaji Rao's media coverage.

Shivaji Rao accepts the challenge and sets out to tackle the rampant corruption in the system. His first order of business is to abolish the VIP culture, which grants special privileges to politicians and bureaucrats. He replaces his convoy of cars with a single ambulance, much to the chagrin of his security detail. This move earns him the respect of the common people but makes him a target of the corrupt politicians who are threatened by his honest approach.

The movie features Rani Mukerji as Manjari, a journalist who is assigned to cover Shivaji Rao's tenure as the Chief Minister. Manjari is initially skeptical of Shivaji Rao's abilities but later becomes his staunch supporter after witnessing his commitment to serving the people. The chemistry between Anil Kapoor and Rani Mukerji is one of the highlights of the movie.

The movie also features several action sequences, including a thrilling chase sequence through the streets of Mumbai. Shivaji Rao is targeted by the corrupt politicians who send goons to eliminate him. However, he manages to outsmart them and exposes their nefarious deeds to the public.

The movie's soundtrack is composed by A. R. Rahman and features several popular songs, including "Chalo Chale Mitwa" and "Saiyyan". The songs are well integrated into the plot and add to the movie's aesthetic appeal.

Nayak: The Real Hero is a movie that showcases the power of honest journalism and the role of citizens in bringing about change. The movie is a commentary on the corrupt political system in India and the need for leaders who are committed to serving the people. The movie's protagonist, Shivaji Rao, is an inspiring character who stands up to the corrupt politicians and fights for justice.

Overall, Nayak: The Real Hero is an entertaining and thought-provoking movie that is worth watching. The movie's cast delivers strong performances, and the plot is engaging and well-paced. The movie's message of hope and change resonates with audiences even today, making it a timeless classic of Bollywood cinema.

Nayak: The Real Hero
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