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"The very sexy movie with the very funny title."
  • M/PG
  • 1968
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 5.5  (252)

A Flea in Her Ear from 1968 is a hilarious French farce turned into a movie set in the early 20th century, starring legendary British actor Rex Harrison, Rosemary Harris and Louis Jourdan. The story begins with Victor Chandebise (played by Rex Harrison), a well-to-do Parisian businessman, who begins to worry that his wife, Raymonde (played by Rosemary Harris), is having an affair.

The innocent and naive Raymonde feels like her husband has grown distant from her and assumes that he is having an affair himself. Victor, however, knows that he is not having an affair, and he decides to prove his innocence by asking his best friend, Tournel (played by Louis Jourdan), to pose as him and meet his wife instead. Tournel is more than happy to help his friend.

Meanwhile, Raymonde confides in her best friend Lucienne (played by Glynnis Johns) about her worries and desires to catch her husband in the act. Lucienne suggests a hotel known for its notorious affairs, the Frisky Puss. Raymonde, trying to catch her husband in the act, writes a love letter to him posing as a mystery woman, and asks him to meet her at the Frisky Puss. Lucienne sets a trap for Tournel, and when Victor receives the letter, he assigns his loyal butler, Etienne (played by Victor Sen Yung), at the rendezvous point instead of himself.

The plot thickens when the staff of the hotel also gets involved in the action. The hotel porter, Poche (played by John Williams) arrives at the Chandebise residence and tries to deliver a note from a woman who has mistaken the identity of the Victor Chandebise at the Frisky Puss. The note is delivered to the wrong Victor Chandebise (Etienne), and Poche is mistaken as the lover who had written the letter for the real Victor Chandebise (played by Tournel) to meet his lover at the Frisky Puss.

All of the characters end up at the Frisky Puss, and the ensuing chaos leads to a series of mistaken identities, cross purposes, and unbridled hilarity. The characters somehow manage to keep their secrets and true identities under wraps while they frolic around the hotel. It is a non-stop ride of classic vaudevillian humor, amusing sight gags, and even the occasional, tasteful bit of innuendo.

Rex Harrison is flawless as the comic lead, at his best when he is the charming yet befuddled Victor Chandebise. Harrison brings his inimitable acting style, effortless posing, and impeccable timing to the role, making Victor Chandebise one of the most memorable characters of the movie.

Rosemary Harris is radiant as Raymonde, a woman caught in the crosshairs of her own insecurities and misunderstood actions. She is both vulnerable and determined, and her performance makes Raymonde more than just a bit player in the story.

Louis Jourdan is suave and debonair as Tournel, and displays impeccable comic timing in his scenes with Rex Harrison. He does an excellent job of portraying Victor’s man-about-town friend, who relishes his chance to play the role of the husband in hiding.

Glynnis Johns shines as Lucienne, the friend who hatches the amorous plot that sets off the farce. Her charming presence and unwavering confidence add a special spark to the story.

Director Jacques Charon, who was an associate of film icon Peter Sellers, does a masterful job of keeping the movie at a breakneck pace, with impeccable timing that underscores the physical humor of the actors. Charon uses excellent staging, clever camera angles and creative editing to create a rhythm that keeps the audience guessing and entertained all the way through.

The movie is expertly shot, making full use of the sumptuous set design and smartly designed lighting. The production quality is top-notch, and the costumes and settings add to the charm of the movie.

In summary, A Flea in Her Ear from 1968 is a delightful and expertly crafted comedy that will tickle your funny bone and leave you with a smile on your face. The performances of the actors, the expert direction of Jacques Charon, and the stunning cinematography make this movie a must-watch, even after all these years.

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