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  • 1947
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In 1947, The Foxes of Harrow was released, a historical drama film directed by John M. Stahl and based on the novel of the same name by Frank Yerby. This movie is a tale of a rags-to-riches story and the pursuit of the American Dream. Set in the nineteenth century New Orleans, the movie is centered around the ambitious Stephen Fox (Rex Harrison), who is determined to advance his social standing, build a fortune, and marry the woman he loves. But Stephen’s journey is a difficult one, full of obstacles that range from financial struggles to family betrayals.

Stephen Fox is a charming, cunning, and intelligent man who comes from a humble background. Despite the odds against him, he manages to become a successful cotton trader, quickly climbing the social ladder in New Orleans. Along the way, he falls in love with the beautiful and headstrong Odalie D’Arceneaux (Maureen O'Hara), whose aristocratic family despises Stephen’s background and ambitions.

Stephen and Odalie’s love story is a classic one of two people from different social classes contending with societal norms and their own values. Odalie represents the society from which Stephen wants to escape, yet he loves her passionately and believes that their love can overcome any obstacles.

As Stephen’s wealth and power grow, he encounters new challenges, including a scheming business rival, a treacherous uncle, and his own arrogance. Despite these challenges, Stephen remains steadfast in his pursuit of his dreams, even as events take surprising turns that threaten to shatter all of his hard work.

A key character in the movie is Virgil, played by Richard Haydn. Virgil is a long-time friend of Stephen who serves as his confidante and conscience. Virgil sees the danger of Stephen's ambitions, and warns him about the consequences of his irrational actions, trying to keep his friend from going too far. Virgil provides the voice of reason and balance throughout the story.

The Foxes of Harrow is a beautifully crafted movie, with stunning cinematography and a captivating score. The production design accurately illustrates the splendor of New Orleans during the nineteenth century, transporting the audience into a different era. It is an engaging story that mixes drama, romance, and historical fiction with ease, making the audience root for the characters and feel invested in their journey.

Overall, The Foxes of Harrow is a classic Hollywood film that explores the American Dream and its pursuit, social class boundaries, love, and loyalty. Rex Harrison gives a strong performance as Stephen, conveying the character's power, charm, and liabilities through a finely tuned performance. Maureen O'Hara shines in the role of Odalie, providing the conflict and moral center necessary to the story. Richard Haydn is also a standout, providing humor and depth to his character Virgil. It is a movie that satisfies as a tale of determination and perseverance, while also providing a snapshot of a pivotal time in American history.

In conclusion, The Foxes of Harrow stands the test of time and remains one of the top Hollywood films of its era. It is a must-watch for anyone looking for a captivating story that captures the essence of American history and culture.

The Foxes of Harrow
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