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"Many heroic stories will come out of this war ... but there will never be a greater one than this !"
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  • 1943
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Set during World War II, "Immortal Sergeant" is a gripping war drama that follows the life of a British officer, Sgt. Miles, played by Henry Fonda. The movie begins with Sgt. Miles, a reserved and stoic man, preparing to lead his platoon into battle. But during a routine mission, his platoon comes under heavy fire, and the sergeant is wounded.

The movie then flashes back to the sergeant's earlier life, where we see him working as a clerk in a London office. Miles is an unremarkable man, content with his mundane life, but when war is declared, he feels a sense of duty to serve his country. He joins the army and quickly rises through the ranks, thanks to his natural leadership skills and bravery.

Miles is sent off to join his platoon, which is made up of a diverse group of soldiers. There is Joe Murray (Thomas Mitchell), the veteran soldier who has seen it all and knows how to take care of his men. There is Pvt. Able (Reginald Gardiner), a clumsy soldier who tries his best but often ends up making things worse. And there is Pvt. Fergusson (Grant Mitchell), a cynical soldier who cannot wait to get back home and resume his quiet life.

As the platoon heads into battle, Miles takes command, and it quickly becomes clear that he is a natural leader. He manages to keep his men's morale up, even when they are faced with overwhelming odds. But as Miles becomes more involved in the war, he begins to lose his emotional detachment. He falls in love with a local woman, Valerie Russell (Maureen O'Hara), and becomes more embroiled in the lives of his men.

Throughout the movie, we see Miles and his men fighting against the Germans in a variety of situations. They are tasked with taking out a German machine gun nest, defending a vital bridge, and attacking an enemy tank. In each situation, Miles rises to the occasion, leading his men with courage and skill.

"Immortal Sergeant" is a movie that stands out for its excellent performances. Henry Fonda is outstanding as Sgt. Miles, perfectly capturing the bravery and stoicism of a British officer during the war. Maureen O'Hara is similarly excellent, bringing warmth and humanity to the role of Valerie Russell.

The movie's supporting cast is also terrific, with Thomas Mitchell standing out as Joe Murray. He plays the role of the veteran soldier with such authenticity and sincerity that it is impossible not to be drawn into his character's story. Reginald Gardiner is also excellent as Pvt. Able, providing comic relief to the otherwise serious movie.

Overall, "Immortal Sergeant" is a top-notch war drama that is thrilling, emotional, and engaging. It offers a snapshot of life during the war, showing the incredible bravery of the soldiers who fought for their countries. It also shows the impact that war can have on ordinary people, both at home and on the front lines. If you are a fan of war movies, "Immortal Sergeant" is a must-see.

Immortal Sergeant
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