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"The only easy day was yesterday"

Masterfully directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, the action film Act of Valor convinces and moves audiences by its actual content with stellar performances by the Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez as CIA agent Morales, and her partner Nestor Serrano as Walter Ross, both stationed in Costa Rica where they uncover their terrorist target a drug smuggler nicknamed Christo.

With a compelling and successful plot, directors McCoy and Waugh reward the audience with performances of active Navy personnel to give more veracity to the film, convinced that there is no acting, but actual performance as in any scenario of war or maneuver rescue. The decision to use a group of seven elite Navy SEALs is applauded and this movie brings another dimension to distinguish fact from fiction war. This film portrays a face totally real of the work carried out by this branch of the Navy.

Act of Valor takes place in several places at the same time taking the viewer through the purposes of terrorist mastermind Abu Shabal who has escaped to Russia. While in the Philippines a terrorist attack ends the life of the American ambassador killing dozens of innocent children using an ice cream truck as a decoy, two CIA agents stationed in Costa Rica, Ross and Morales have discovered Christo, the terrorist drug target, but Ross is killed and Morales is captured and moved to a hideout where she is tortured mercilessly by Christo orders.

The directors of the film very cleverly take the audience to know each of the characters of the Bandito Platoon, 7 Navy Seal who share in family in Coronado, California, until they are dispatched to Costa Rica to extract agent Morales alive.

Act of Valor is an intense and overwhelming movie which clearly presents the operations of this intelligent combat branch of elite Navy Seals. The intense persecutions filled with lots of adrenaline rush, the strategically coordinated parachute jumps, snipers with absolute control, and the coldly calculated rescue and extraction are ingredients of nonfiction but of real action.

The presence of true combat heroes in the characters of the elite Navy Seals team makes this film unique in its military and action genre, very masterly directed and conceived to fill the cinemas of pride and energy.

| 2012 | | 6.5/10 | 40/100
Rorke Denver, Dave, Sonny, Weimy
Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh

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