Acts of Death

"Trapped and tortured... Sometimes death is the only relief"
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The student theater group at Baxter University are arranging tryouts and plans for the upcoming year's productions. One night a female student winds up dead on the school grounds in a grizzly and particularly gruesome way. Everyone is shocked, but decide to go ahead with their normal student life and theater production schedule. After all, the play is the thing and everyone wants a starring role. To the student body's surprise, an underground theater club is discovered to be initiating beautiful young female hopefuls in an array of unsavory ways. The cast including Reggie Bannister, Glen Shadix, Jason Carter and production expertise from the entire Burton family, create a post-secondary scenario that will make anyone think twice about joining the theater club their freshman year of college.

| 2007 | 1 hr 42 min | 3.0/10
Reggie Bannister, Jason Carter, Caitlin Cauchy, Edward Conna
Jeff Burton
Acts of Death
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Also directed by Jeff Burton