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  • NR
  • 2012
  • 54 min

Adele: Someone Like Me is a heartfelt and introspective 2016 drama film that delves into the life of Adele, an aspiring singer-songwriter, as she navigates through her personal and professional struggles. Starring the talented Adele herself, along with Ian Cohen and Vicky Letch, the movie takes the audience on an emotional journey of self-discovery, love, and the pursuit of dreams.

Set in the vibrant city of London, the film begins by introducing us to Adele, a young woman with an extraordinary talent for music. Despite her undeniable gift, Adele finds herself constantly battling self-doubt and internal conflict. Her passion for singing and songwriting has always been an escape and source of solace, yet she has always hesitated to pursue her dreams wholeheartedly, fearing failure and rejection.

Adele's journey takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Ian, a music producer looking for fresh talent. Intrigued by Adele's raw talent and authenticity, Ian is convinced that with the right guidance, she could become a star. Reluctant at first, Adele eventually decides to seize the opportunity and embarks on a musical adventure that could change her life forever.

As Adele's career begins to take off, the film expertly captures the ups and downs of the music industry. Adele must confront the challenges of fame, navigating the pitfalls, and staying true to herself amidst the constant pressure to conform. Facing critical decisions about her image, sound, and artistic integrity, she realizes that beneath the glitz and glamour, the music industry can be immensely demanding and even isolating.

In the midst of her professional journey, Adele also navigates through the complexities of her personal life. She forms a deep and genuine connection with Vicky, a free-spirited artist with a magnetic personality. Vicky becomes not only Adele's closest friend but also her confidant and muse. Together, they explore London's vibrant music scene, taking in its clubs, festivals, and open mic nights. Their shared experiences provide Adele with both inspiration and emotional support during the most challenging moments of her career.

Throughout the film, Adele's struggle with self-acceptance and finding her true voice remains a central theme. As she propels herself further into the music industry, Adele faces barriers and conflicting opinions from industry professionals who try to mold her into something she is not. However, with the strength gained from her journey, Adele learns to trust her instincts, embrace her own unique style, and assert her artistic vision.

Adele: Someone Like Me is not just a story about music, fame, and self-expression; it is also a tale of love and the transformative power of relationships. The chemistry between Adele and Vicky adds depth and authenticity to the narrative, capturing the essence of friendship and the influence it can have on personal growth.

Packed with heartfelt performances and a poignant soundtrack that effortlessly weaves throughout the narrative, Adele: Someone Like Me is a captivating film that offers an intimate glimpse into the life of an artist on the brink of success. It explores the challenges faced by those pursuing their dreams while remaining true to oneself, and the sacrifices one must make to achieve greatness.

Overall, Adele: Someone Like Me is a beautifully crafted drama that showcases Adele's immense talent both as an actress and musician. It provides an engaging and relatable story that will resonate with audiences, reminding them of the importance of self-belief, perseverance, and finding the courage to pursue their passions.

Adele: Someone Like Me is a 2012 documentary with a runtime of 54 minutes.

Adele: Someone Like Me
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