Adieu Blaireau

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This French crime thriller was directed by Bob Decout. The English translation of the title means, Farewell to Fred. The story follows the title character, Fred, who is a gambling junkie that has accumulated a serious debt with a local mob boss named Victor. The time, Victor tells him, has come to pay up. The only problem for Fred is that he doesn't have the money.

Some time after hearing of this dire news Fred is approached by one of Victor's associates who tells the panicked man that the crime boss has a deal for him. Since Fred can't pay Victor will allow him to erase his debt another way, by carrying out a hit on a rival gang-member. Desperate for funds, Fred agrees, which leads him down a dark and twisted path of violence and revenge.

1985 | 2 hr | 4.8/10
Philippe Léotard, Annie Girardot, Jacques Penot, Christian Marquand
Bob Decout
Adieu Blaireau
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Also starring Annie Girardot