Africa Unite

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Africa Unite is a masterful documentary and tribute concert to the reggae icon, Bob Marley. Moving performances are presented by his children to commemorate his 60th birthday. The film also captures his children's first trip to Ethiopia and their attempt to embark on a humanitarian campaign to spread a message of non-violence. Over 300,000 people travel from around the world to converge on Ethiopia to be part of the historic concert-event and to hear original Bob Marley classics. This cinematic event celebrates the life, music and spirit of Bob Marley and his ongoing message of world peace and prosperity for all.

| 2008 | 1 min | 7.5/10
Firoz Hirji Nazisi, Marley Mirene, Portia Phalafala, Rita Marley
Snag Films
Africa Unite
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Also directed by Stephanie Black