Alibaba Marjinaa

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Alibaba wants to end slavery, but needs money to set these people free. When he hears of a princess being sold as a slave, he borrows money from his brother-in-law Qasim to purchase her. The princess offers to serve Alibaba for the rest of her life, but is instead set free. When he makes the decision to free the princess, she rewards him handsomely. Qasim get wind of Alibaba's sudden wealth and Alibaba informs him how to do it. Qasim's family is now in danger and he must find a way to save them before everyone is murdered.

Not Rated
| 1977 | | 6.7/10
Urmila Bhatt, Birbal, Jagdeep, Pinchoo Kapoor
Kedar Kapoor
Alibaba Marjinaa
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Also starring Urmila Bhatt