Jaan Hazir Hai

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Young Hai wants desperately to be a millionaire. Currently, he sits in a room all day as one of the assistant producers on a reality television show that is based on lies and persuasion. One day, he realizes that he must change his ways or risk becoming jaded like the rest of his peers. Using all of his savings, he buys a boat and begins to surf around the world. He almost dies on a number of occasions, but each obstacle that he faces takes him one step closer to fulfilling his destiny. He realizes that he can never go back.

1975 | | 6.7/10
Urmila Bhatt, Iftekhar, Jankidas, Trilok Kapoor
Manohar Nath Rangroo
Jaan Hazir Hai
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Also starring Urmila Bhatt

Also starring Iftekhar