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"You are her last hope."
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Amber Alert written by Joshua Oram and Kerry Bellessa, who also directed the film is about two best friends Samantha Green (Summer Bellessa) and Nathan Riley (Chris Hill) who are video taping a documentary of their lives, kind of like a reality show. Samantha's little brother, Caleb (Caleb Thompson) films them as they talk about various miscellaneous topics of their choice.

The movie may seems pretty simple and typical to begin with until they see an Amber Alert car on the interstate, and the thrill begins. They follow the car for miles until the abductor, Michael Miller(Jasen Wade) pulls over to speak reassurance to them, but not knowing they spiked his car with a microphone. Inside they hear him talking to a little girl, Brooke (Brooke Thompson) threatening to harm her and her family. The movie goes on through drastic events to finding Brooke until the trio finds Miller's hideout spot. They inform the police for a third time of the situation at hand, but Samantha has no more time for patience.

This is when the film can be said to horrify, Samantha enters the abandoned home filled with sick treasures of the children that have been abducted, after hearing and seeing Miller leave to go to the store. Ignoring the laws of a homeowner Samantha busts a window to gain entrance to the home, and finds Brooke, but the horror isn't done yet. Miller comes back, and shoots Caleb, who is sitting in the car. Happily the story ends with Brooke being reunited with her family, and Caleb being shot in the left shoulder, but sadly neither Samantha Green or Nathan Riley made it out, unfortunately neither did Michael Miller.

Samantha and Nathan can be said to be modern day heroes, showing courage and determination.

| 2012 | 1 hr 20 min | 4.6/10
Summer Bellessa, Chris Hill, Jasen Wade, Caleb Thompson
Kerry Bellessa

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