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  • 2006
  • 7.2  (183)

Amma Cheppindi is a Telugu language drama film directed by Gangaraju Gunnam, which was released in 2006. The film is a beautifully woven story about love, sacrifice, and redemption, revolving around the dynamics of a family. The film opens with Abhi (Sharwanand), the protagonist, leading a carefree life without any goals or aspirations. He is content leading a life filled with joy and laughter with his mother Vani (Suhasini) and younger sister. However, the story takes a turn when Vani is diagnosed with cancer, leaving the family shattered. The news leaves Abhi in shock, and he is unable to accept the reality of his mother's illness.

The rest of the story revolves around the bond between a mother and her son, and how Vani, after learning about her condition, trains Abhi to become self-sufficient and take care of himself and his sister after her death. She tries to instill a sense of responsibility in her son, who is otherwise immature and carefree.

Vani plays a critical role in bringing a change in Abhi’s life. Her character is the backbone of the story, and Suhasini’s portrayal of Vani is convincing and empathetic. Throughout the movie, she is shown as a strong and determined woman, who fights against her disease and prepares her family for the future. She also makes efforts to rekindle the romance between her husband and her, adding a layer of love and warmth to the story.

Sharwanand, who plays Abhi, shines in his role as the young and immature son, who gradually transforms into a responsible and mature adult. His character arc is visible and convincing. He depicts the transition from carefree to responsible remarkably well and convincingly.

Actress Shreya Reddy, who plays Abhi's love interest, has limited screen time, but her character plays a crucial role in the story. She is a woman who is mature, understanding and supportive of the changes that Abhi is going through.

The film's music is composed by Koti and is soothing and melodic, and it's in perfect sync with the story's mood. The lyrics by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry are soulful and bring out the emotions of each scene. The cinematography by Rasool Ellore is outstanding, with beautiful scenic locations, adding depth to the narrative.

One of the significant takeaways from the film is how Vani, while battling her disease, never gives up and remains strong, providing support to her children and her husband. It's a story that showcases how love can conquer all and how a family can overcome even the darkest of times.

Amma Cheppindi is a heartwarming film, which is an enjoyable watch for all age groups. It's an emotional story that leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. The performances of the lead actors, coupled with excellent direction, make it a must-watch film. This movie is a reminder that life is fragile and unpredictable, and we should always live it to the fullest with our loved ones by our side.

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