Amy's Orgasm

Amy's Orgasm is a comedy about a 29-year old celibate Jewish woman who authors a self-help book called Why Love Doesn't Work, supporting her thesis that women don't need a man or husband in their lives in order to feel fulfilled. Because she feels turned off to love, she's removed herself from the dating scene. That is until she meets an unlikely partner in the person of a local radio shock jock named Matthew Starr whose on-air behavior reminds many people of Howard Stern. Starr receives high ratings due to his sexist on-air remarks and his penchant for hitting on his female guests, all of whom have very low IQs.

But Amy is having second thoughts about the advice she doles out in her book, and finds herself strangely attracted to Starr when she guests on his program in order to promote her work. Everyone from the local parish priest to meddling parents seem to want to give Amy advice about how to make relationships work. But Amy's not sure if getting involved with a supposed bad boy will simply prove her theories true or end up being the romantic surprise of her life.

| 2001 | 1 hr 27 min | 5.2/10 | 36/100
Julie Davis, Nick Chinlund, Caroline Aaron, Mitchell Whitfield
Amy's Orgasm
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Also starring Nick Chinlund