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  • R
  • 1973
  • 3 hr 25 min
  • 8.1  (56,919)

Andrei Rublev, a three and a half hour epic masterpiece directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, was made in the year 1966. The film narrates the life of a 15th-century Russian painter named Andrei Rublev, who is considered among one of Russia's most significant Renaissance artists. The film primarily explores the struggle and hardship faced by Rublev, as to whether or not he should continue to use his artistic talents to represent the church.

The film is divided into eight segments, each portraying a different chapter of the painter's life. The events of his life are primarily viewed through historical events occurring in Russia during the 15th century. The opening scene follows his adventure with Boris and others as they float along the river on a hot air balloon made of a fabric. During the journey, Rublev loses sight of his divinity and questions the utility of his art. The movie highlights Rublev's internal struggles and how he obtains enlightenment through various spiritual experiences.

The 15th century Russia is portrayed realistically in the film. The lives of the ordinary people in towns and villages are accurately depicted, locked in a constantly battle with invaders, beasts, hunger, and diseases that rendered their existence extremely difficult. The movie portrays Andrei as a savior-like figure, capable of achieving inner enlightenment through his artwork, despite all the adversities he faced.

The movie does not shy away from depicting the gruesome realities of medieval Russia. Some scenes feature slaughtered animals and the pillages committed by the Tartars, who invaded the countryside. However, in other scenes, the film highlights the tranquility and beauty of Russia's nature, which, despite the harshness of life, remains a crucial aspect of Russian life. These beautifully shot pastoral scenes create striking contrasts to the violent urban landscapes.

One of the film's primary storylines is centered around the depiction of an icon of The Last Judgment. The community is looking to commission the creation of the icon from Rublev, who is, at the time, incapable of seeing any meaning in his artwork. He rejected the commission initially, stating that he could not draw the image of God because of his no longer existing faith. He eventually completes the commission portraying the peaceful nature of Andrey.

The movie focuses more on the painter's life and his struggle to preserve his artistic integrity than his works. Similarly, some scenes may not seem immediately relevant, but they all come together to create a comprehensive portrait of Rublev's life, his beliefs and those of the people who populate his world. These scenes allow for one to understand the environment around the painter and to be well-rooted in the period.

In conclusion, the film Andrei Rublev is a cinematic achievement that explores the relationship between art and spirituality. The film narrates the life of a painter struggling to maintain his artistic integrity during a challenging time in Russian history. The movie's deliberate pacing may not be to everyone's liking, but the patient viewer will berewarded with a stirring and vivid work of art. Great film personalities like Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Ivan Lapikov, and Nikolay Grinko are saluted with great characters in this Andrei Tarkovsky-making film.

Andrei Rublev [Subtitled]
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