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"People die... Get over it."
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Angel of Death is a film thriller about one of the many ways that a person can go insane and also, what happens to them after that. The background of this film is that the main character, Eve, is working for a family that is famous for their notorious crimes and how sick they are because they take much pleasure in their killings. Eve suffers a serious head injury in which a knife goes through her head and she has brain damage. This event occurs while she is employed by the family and she has a doctor to help her recover. The job that she was doing left her critically injured was one where she had to do a hit on someone and it horribly went wrong, meaning she accidentally shot a teenage girl. She miraculously lives even though this tragic event occurred, but she is in a hallucinating state and begins to be convinced that her victims (the ones that she had been ordered to put a hit on) are now haunting her. Since she is being paranoid and going crazy, she seeks to settle the score for what is happening to her and she seeks it from her previous employers since it appears to be their fault.

On her dangerous quest, she goes through many power struggles and has all hell breaking loose for whoever stands in her way of setting things straight. The action that takes place through this chaos is unbelievable coming from a career woman turned into assassin. The reason why someone may think it is unreal is because in most situations, a female that has to own up and kill people who are unworthy, the girl turns out to be weak and runs away. However, this girl does not run away and does what she thinks is right. Although some of these things require braveness and everything an assassin needs to be capable of, these scenes are very life - like because they can show what can actually happen to someone in this situation.

| 2009 | 1 min | 5.0/10
Zoë Bell, Jake Abel, Vail Bloom, Justin Huen

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