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"Death is music to their ears."
  • 2007
  • 4.8  (21)

Angel from 2007 is a Filipino film directed by award-winning filmmaker, Olivia Lamasan. The movie is about a woman named Angel (Angel Locsin), who is a trained assassin skilled in combat and espionage. In the beginning, Angel is successfully executing her contract with a group of rebels, but the mission takes a turn when she meets a child who is caught in the crossfire.

As a result of this chance encounter, Angel becomes disillusioned with her profession and decides to retire. She escapes to a small town where she hopes to find peace and start a new life. The town welcomes her with open arms, and she quickly adapts to her new environment. Angel even meets Sara (Eunice Lagusad), a young woman who becomes her friend and confidante.

However, Angel's past soon catches up with her, and her life takes an unexpected turn when she is confronted with a dangerous situation. She is forced to use her skills to protect herself and those around her. In the process, she discovers a mission that is far greater than herself.

Throughout the film, Angel's character is portrayed as a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to take on challenges. She is also portrayed as humble and kind despite her past as a killer. Angel Locsin's performance is impressive, and she brings depth and nuance to the character. She is able to effortlessly transition from a fierce assassin to a vulnerable woman who is looking for redemption.

The supporting cast also does an excellent job of bringing their characters to life. Eunice Lagusad's portrayal of Sara is compelling, and she is able to capture the innocence and compassion of her character. Pinky Amador plays the role of Angel's mentor, and she brings a sense of wisdom and authority to her character.

One of the film's strongest aspects is its cinematography. The movie showcases the natural beauty of the Philippines, and the landscape serves as a stunning backdrop to the story. The camera work is also well-executed, and the fight scenes are choreographed beautifully.

The movie's pacing is consistently engaging, and it does a good job of balancing the action sequences with the character development. The story is driven by Angel's growth as a person, and the audience is able to see her journey unfold in a meaningful way.

Overall, Angel from 2007 is a well-crafted film that will leave a lasting impression on its viewers. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of redemption. The film's themes of forgiveness, love, and sacrifice are universal, and they resonate with audiences of all backgrounds. It is a must-see for fans of action movies, dramas, and Filipino cinema.

Note: Some sources list the film's title as "The Angels" instead of "Angel".

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