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These Girls is a film that came out in the year 2005 which was based on a play. The movie covers the story of three girls that try to seduce a man who lives in their suburb. In the movie the man named Keith sleeps with Glory and as a result the other two girls try to sleep with him too. They also try to share him as a sexual partner. These Girls was initially released in theaters in Quebec Canada in 2006 and then released on DVD in North America in the spring of 2006. Telefilm Canada helped fund the production of this movie as well.

In the summer a group of three girls are living their lives and hoping that this summer will be one to remember. One day they find a man named Keith who they find attractive. After they find Keith one of the girls approaches him and seduces him. As a result he sleeps with her. The other two girls find out that the other girl slept with Keith and then they decide to do the same. Over the course of the film, the three girls try to share him and sleep with him on a regular basis. During the movie, Keith has sexual affairs with the three girls but he eventually regrets what he did. He also felt upset about not getting intimate with his wife and knows that he has a responsibility to his wife and child. As a result he decides to stop seeing the three girls. He also gets hostile towards them and tells them that he wants to be left alone. In the end the three girls go their separate way as one has a child, another one leaves their religious boarding school and the other girl goes off to college.

This movie was made by Canadian filmmakers and is therefore an independent film. It was not a mainstream movie so it did not get many accolades or recognition. However it is romantic comedy and therefore a movie worth watching to those who enjoy this genre. Like other movies that have sexual content, this movie if for mature audiences so only a small percentage of the population will find this appropriate to view. However it has a decent story and good pacing. Those who enjoy this kind of movie will likely find the movie worth watching at least once. These Girls is yet another decent movie in the romantic comedy genre.

| 2006 | 1 hr 32 min | 5.8/10
Caroline Dhavernas, Jacques Girard, Holly Lewis, Amanda Walsh
Allumination FilmWorks
John Hazlett
These Girls

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