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I Am a Sex Addict is a two thousand and five comedy style movie that focuses on what a lot of people do at some point in their lives, whether it is everyday or if they are in the mood for it. This film shows that everyone has different view and how they interpret sex for themselves, but this film is unique to that since it is shown as an autobiography in a documentary - like style. The film is shown as an autobiography because it was made by the story - teller himself, American director and screenwriter Caveh Zahedi.

The way that this film is unique to other movies about sex, is that he is sharing his own personal experiences and how these experiences have shaped his life today as a recovering sexual addict. His own personal experiences while being a sex addict include his life long history of being obsessed with many prostitutes who have influenced his life in a positive and negative way. The positive of this obsession is that he had the opportunity to fulfill his sexual fantasies. Although the director had his personal satisfaction with his obsession and that it helped his film making, too. There is also bad in this experience for him. The negative side of his experiences is that his obsession affected his life and relationships in a bad way other than he expected. The way that this happened is that, his two previous marriages ended badly and he is heart broken since he wants to have a successful relationship.

Although his past has ended badly for him, the purpose of this film is to see if he can give up his addiction and live a normal life for himself. His normal life is significant because moments before he starts the story line of this film, he tells everyone that he is about to be in his third marriage and that he hopes for the best for them.

Not Rated
| 2005 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.0/10 | 62/100
Caveh Zahedi, Christoff Colas, Rebecca Lord, Lindsey Tjian
Caveh Zahedi
Produced By
Thomas Logoreci, Greg Watkins, Caveh Zahedi

Also starring Caveh Zahedi

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