Angel's Egg

"Under a sky where the clouds make sound as they move"
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The plot of Angel's Egg, or Tenshi no Tamago in its native Japanese, is tricky to put into words. The film focuses on two main characters: a girl who carries an egg, and a man who carries a cross. Though these characters are the central figures of the film, it is difficult to maintain that the movie contains any objective story. Viewers are tasked with uncovering the deeper meaning behind the images seen and moods evoked by this undeniably artistic work. While the audience is left to speculate the film's purpose one question stands out: dare ka (who are you)?

1985 | | 7.7/10
Mako Hyôdô, Jinpachi Nezu, Kei'ichi Noda
Tokuma Shoten
Angel's Egg
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