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  • 2006
  • 4.9  (912)

Annavaram is a 2006 Telugu action drama film directed by Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao and stars Pawan Kalyan, Asin Thottumkal, and Sandhya in lead roles. It is a story about a man named Annavaram who leads a happy life with his family in a small village. Annavaram is the only son of his parents, and he is a caring brother to his two sisters. He is loved and respected by everyone in the village for his good deeds and kind heart. His only aim in life is to keep his family happy and safe.

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he accidentally meets a girl named Nandini. She is a journalist who comes to the village for a story and falls in love with Annavaram. Nandini's father is a politician who is involved in many illegal activities, and he does not approve of his daughter's love for Annavaram.

Nandini's father tries to separate them by all means, but Annavaram fights back to be with the woman he loves. In the process, he uncovers some secrets about Nandini's father and becomes entangled in a dangerous conspiracy.

The rest of the story follows Annavaram's struggle to save his family and to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy. He faces numerous challenges, but with his determination and stubbornness, he overcomes them all.

Pawan Kalyan has given an outstanding performance in the movie. He perfectly portrays the character of Annavaram and brings out the emotions of the character beautifully. Asin Thottumkal has done justice to her role as Nandini, which is a refreshing change from the typical damsel-in-distress roles.

The music of the film, composed by Ramana Gogula, is also a highlight. The songs are catchy and melodious, and they blend perfectly with the story.

Overall, Annavaram is a must-watch movie for Telugu movie lovers. It has all the elements of a perfect entertainer - drama, action, romance, and comedy. The movie captures the essence of village life and portrays the importance of family and relationships.

In conclusion, Annavaram is an excellent movie that will leave you with a smile on your face. It is a story of love, sacrifice, and perseverance, and it is sure to touch your heart.

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    4.9  (912)