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  • 2022
  • 2 hr 53 min
  • 7.6  (8,271)

Ante Sundaraniki is a 2022 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film that offers an entertaining blend of humor, drama, and romance, with social undertones that touch upon the complexities of inter-faith relationships. Directed by Vivek Athreya and featuring the talented Nani and Nazriya Nazim in the lead roles, the film explores the life and love of its characters amidst family pressures, societal expectations, and religious divides.

Nani, who has become one of Telugu cinema's most beloved actors, plays the role of Sundar, an affable and charming young man who aspires to live a life different from the norm set by his traditional and conservative Hindu family. Despite his modern outlook, Sundar is deeply ensconced in his family's beliefs and values, which often results in comedic situations that endear him to the audience. His character is carefully etched with several layers, incorporating the anxieties, dilemmas, and joy inherent in the journey of self-discovery.

Nazriya Nazim, making her Telugu debut with Ante Sundaraniki, essays the role of Leela Thomas, a candid and vivacious young woman with a Christian background. Leela's character is a breath of fresh air, exuding confidence, intelligence, and a refreshingly progressive attitude. Nazriya's portrayal of Leela is nuanced, effectively reflecting the dynamics of a modern woman who is driven by her passions and convictions while simultaneously striving to maintain her identity within a stringent cultural framework.

The story centers on Sundar and Leela, who hail from contrasting cultural and religious backgrounds but share an unspoken connection that blossoms into love. Dealing with the taboo subject of inter-faith marriage in India, the film cleverly uses comedy to navigate the sensitive topic. The narrative weaves through the lovers’ aspirations to be together while simultaneously tackling the objections and misconceptions prevalent among their respective families.

V.K. Naresh plays an instrumental role as Sundar's father, an orthodox man with a heart of gold, who abides by his principles but is also inherently caring. His performance adds depth to the familial aspects of the film, encapsulating the generational gap and the sometimes comical, sometimes poignant attempts to bridge this divide.

The plot unfolds in urban India, where Sundar and Leela begin as neighbors and eventually find themselves embroiled in what could be termed a cultural quagmire. To navigate the societal maze and convince their families for their union, they devise a plan that spirals into a series of awkward, hilarious, and heartwarming events. The movie briskly carries the audience through moments of mirth, empathy, and self-reflection.

Director Vivek Athreya weaves the story with a deft touch, incorporating warm humor and subtle satire without resorting to caricature or cliché when portraying the sensitive subject of religious differences. Ante Sundaraniki relies heavily on situational comedy, and the script is filled with dialogue that is witty yet filled with an emotional undercurrent, resonating with a diverse audience.

The visual aesthetic of the film is bright and colorful, reflecting the vibrancy of Indian culture, celebrations, and the chaos that ensues when traditions collide. The cinematography by Niketh Bommireddy captures the essence of the characters' surroundings, accentuating key moments with a palette that is as spirited and lively as the film itself.

Musically, the film spotlights compositions by Vivek Sagar that are a harmonious blend of peppy, romantic, and soulful tunes. The soundtrack complements the narrative, enhancing crucial scenes and contributing to the overall feel-good atmosphere that the movie engenders.

Production design and costumes play a substantial role in Ante Sundaraniki, creatively differentiating between the two cultural worlds of Sundar and Leela. From the authenticity of the middle-class homes to the intricate details of customary attire, the film encapsulates the essence of its setting and castes.

Ante Sundaraniki does not shy away from addressing the real challenges faced by couples in inter-faith relationships but does so with a light touch, focusing on the power of love and understanding over societal constraints. The movie achieves a balance between showcasing the graver aspects of its central theme and providing the audience with plenty of laughs, ensuring the subject matter is digestible without losing its edge.

The performances are praiseworthy across the board, with Nani and Nazriya forming a delightful onscreen couple whose chemistry is palpable. Their interactions form the heart of the film, lending authenticity to their roles and making their story relatable.

In conclusion, Ante Sundaraniki is a celebration of love, differences, and unity, delivered with a good dose of humor. It approaches its storyline with warmth and tenderness, inviting the audience to look beyond the constraints of culture and religion to embrace the more significant aspects of humanity and relationships. The film's charm lies in its ability to triumph in the face of trials with laughter and grace, making it a must-watch for fans of romantic comedies with substance.

Ante Sundaraniki is a 2022 comedy with a runtime of 2 hours and 53 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.6.

Ante Sundaraniki
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    2 hr 53 min
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    7.6  (8,271)