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  • 1976
  • 1 hr 33 min

Any Day Now is a rare film that was released in February of 1976. The film was originally recorded in Dutch and thus is often referred to as Vandaag of morgen. The film belongs firmly in the science-fiction genre, as it explores an imaginary, futuristic world. This new world has been separated into three distinct parts: Europe, the United States, and the Third World. The powerful Third World is at the head of everything and exercises fierce dominion over the other two groups. Members of the elite Third World own almost all of the world's wealth and material goods and, in the course of the film, are attempting to extort any remaining resources from Europe and America.

The film has long been viewed as a statement against the political upheaval going on in the 1970s and heeded as a warning to future generations. The sensitive subject matter and overt political overtones made the film quite controversial at the time of its release and may account for why it can be difficult to find today. This original film, one which many critics have deemed to be ahead of its time in terms of subject matter, was both directed and produced by the virtually unknown Roeland Kerbosch.

Top-billed stars include Ansje van Bradenberg and Huib Broos. The film also boasts a large supporting cast, including Ton van Duinhoven, Frans Vorstman, Wim de Haas, Gees Linnebank, and Ben Hulsman. The screenplay was written by Tom van Duinhoven, and the film was distributed by Gofilex. Its run time is 93 minutes, which is on the short to average side for films of the genre. The movie was shot in color and is thought by many to be a vital but often overlooked asset to the science fiction genre.

Any Day Now
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