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  • TV-14
  • 2015
  • 1 hr 27 min
  • 5.5  (349)

Are You My Daughter? is a 2015 made-for-television movie from Hallmark Channel that tells the story of a desperate mother, Laura Lewis (Brooke Langton) who is searching for her daughter who was kidnapped 10 years ago. The movie was directed by Jason Bourque and features a talented cast including Stephanie Bennett, Peter Benson, and Rebecca Staab.

Laura Lewis is a single mother who has been haunted by the disappearance of her daughter, Sarah, for a decade. Sarah was just six years old when she was kidnapped, and despite the best efforts of the police, Laura has never been able to find her. She has spent the last 10 years trying to find leads and get answers, but nothing has ever panned out.

One day, Laura sees a young woman on television who looks very much like her daughter. She begins to investigate and discovers that the girl, Ashley Collins (Stephanie Bennett), was kidnapped at around the same time as her daughter. Ashley has no memory of her past but has recently begun to experience disturbing flashbacks that she can't explain. Laura becomes convinced that Ashley is her long-lost daughter, and sets out to prove it.

Despite the fact that Ashley is skeptical of Laura's claims, the pair begin to bond as Laura teaches Ashley skills that she believes Sarah would have learned. The movie takes its time to develop the characters, allowing the audience to feel a cathartic relief when Laura and Ashley finally come together.

However, not everyone is convinced by Laura's claims. One of the most intriguing aspects of the movie is the relationship between Laura and her ex-husband, Bruce (Peter Benson), who has never given up the hope of finding their daughter. Seeing the two of them interact is powerful, as it's clear that they are still dealing with the fallout of their loss, even years later.

As the movie progresses, Laura's claims are called into question when her ex-husband discovers evidence that seems to suggest that Ashley is not Sarah. Laura is devastated by the news and struggles to come to terms with the possibility that she may have been chasing a false hope.

What follows is a gripping story of deceit, betrayal, and redemption. The performances of the cast are superb, especially Brooke Langton, who delivers an emotional and nuanced performance as the desperate mother. Stephanie Bennett is equally terrific in a difficult role, with her character's guilt and confusion conveyed powerfully without ever seeming contrived.

One of the things that makes Are You My Daughter such a great movie is its refusal to rely on cheap thrills or predictable plot twists. The movie offers no easy answers, and the audience is left to make up their own minds about whether or not Laura's claims are true.

Ultimately, Are You My Daughter? is a heartfelt and engaging movie that is perfect for fans of dramatic thrillers. It is a gripping story of love, loss, and the lengths that a mother will go to in order to protect her child.

Are You My Daughter?
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