"Ibro takes his son Armin from their small Bosnian village to Croatia to audition for a German film about the Balkan conflict."

This movie is about the story of a man Ibro and his son named Armin, who decide to travel to a town in Bosnia to participate in an audition for an upcoming movie. Ibro hopes to help his son get a part in a German movie that focuses on the true story of the Bosnian War. However, both Ibro and Armin go through several disappointing issues, such as their bus breaking down, which makes Armin late for his audition. As soon as they arrive on set, Ibro tries to convince the director to consider giving Armin a second chance, until the director finds out that Armin is too old for the role. Unfortunately, Armin becomes depressed that he is unable to play the part in a movie he was looking forward to. As Ibro and Armin try to find other opportunities, Armin breaks down and begins to suffer from an epileptic seizure. As they prepare to go back to Bosnia, the film crew decides to offer them a deal they cannot refuse. However, Ibro turns down the offer, Armin begins to really appreciate his father even more.

| 2007 | 1 hr 22 min | 7.0/10
Ognjen Svilicic
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