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  • 1979
  • 2 hr 16 min
  • 5.9  (36)

Aur Kaun? is a 1979 Bollywood horror thriller film that has piqued the interest of cult horror aficionados in the years since its release, acquiring a reputation as a spine-chilling cinematic piece. The film was directed by Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay, brothers who are renowned for pioneering the horror genre in Indian cinema. Starring Sachin Pilgaonkar, Rajni Sharma, and Padmini Kapila, Aur Kaun? spins an eerie tale that converges on suspense, the supernatural, and the gritty investigation into untoward events.

The narrative of Aur Kaun? weaves around the protagonist played by Sachin Pilgaonkar, a young and vivacious college student named Ajay. Ajay is a character brimming with typical youthful spirit, relatable to the audience as he navigates his days filled with friends, music, and the promise of romance. The accompanying female leads, Rajni Sharma and Padmini Kapila, inject the story with layers of complexity, emotional dynamism, and serve as key cogs in the unfolding mystery.

Set against the backdrop of a murky environment synonymous with such films from the Ramsay Brothers, the plot twists into motion when a series of bizarre and horrifying incidents begin to occur. The movie elegantly establishes its ominous atmosphere from the onset, using the college and its old, nearly decrepit surroundings to serve as the playground for the supernatural occurrences. The students begin to feel a palpable sense of dread as they are enveloped by a miasma of fear, sensing an invisible presence that stalks the hallways and broods in the shadows.

As the plot progresses, what initially seem like unrelated incidents slowly converge into a chilling narrative. Unexplained disappearances and uncanny incidents cast a pall over the usual vibrancy of college life. Ajay and his friends take it upon themselves to unravel the mystery, which becomes deeply personal as they find themselves dangerously entangled in the haunting drama. The quest for truth leads to a series of revelations that blur the line between the rational and the paranormal.

The music in Aur Kaun? acts as a character itself, with haunting melodies that accentuate the thematic elements of horror and suspense. The Ramsay brothers made use of eerie soundscapes to amplify the intensity of scenes, building up anxiety in the minds of the viewers. This method of utilizing spine-chilling music and sound effects has since become a trademark of sorts for the horror genre in Bollywood films.

In acting terms, Sachin Pilgaonkar delivers a commendable performance as the heroic Ajay. His character's transition from a carefree student to a young man facing unsettling truths is portrayed with sincerity and a gripping sense of urgency. Rajni Sharma and Padmini Kapila also present strong performances, embodying their roles with the requisite emotions and contributing to the building momentum of suspense.

Visually, Aur Kaun? demonstrates the Ramsay Brothers' eye for creating a palpable horror setting. The elements of cinematography and set design contribute to the eerie ambiance, as the camera plays with shadows and light to distort reality and generate an unnerving cinematic space. The editing style provides a sense of chaos and confusion as required, drawing viewers into the unsettling narrative.

Beyond its entertainment value, Aur Kaun? is also a reflection of the horror genre within Bollywood at the time. Much like its peers, the film combines Western influences, such as the use of supernatural entities and a gothic aesthetic, with Indian cultural elements to narrate a horror story that resonated with a local audience. Themes of good versus evil, supernatural interventions, and the quest for justice against malevolent forces align with a universal appeal, yet are flavored with traditional Indian storytelling elements.

Aur Kaun? also works as a psychological thriller, toying with the minds of both its characters and viewers. The psychological terror comes not just from the supernatural occurrences but also from the way the characters react and unravel in the face of dread. The film thereby explores the depths of human fear as well as the potential for bravery when confronted with the unknown.

In summary, Aur Kaun? from 1979 stands as a memorable entry in the Indian horror canon, delivering on the promise of horror and suspense through a well-woven narrative, strong performances, and atmospheric direction. It's a story of eerie occurrences and spectral hauntings with a gripping mystery at its heart, which all take place in a setting molded by the expert hands of the Ramsay Brothers. For those interested in the roots of Bollywood horror, this film is an indispensable watch that exemplifies the genre's potency and enduring appeal.

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    5.9  (36)