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  • 2005
  • 6.4  (724)

Badgered is an Oscar-nominated animated short film produced by the British animation studio, Passion Pictures. The film follows a determined badger who is trying to protect her home from the destruction caused by human industry. The story begins with the badger living peacefully in her burrow, enjoying a lazy day in the forest. However, her peaceful existence is soon disrupted by loud construction noises from a nearby train station.

As the badger quickly realizes the threat to her home, she sets out to stop the construction workers from furthering their destruction. However, her attempts to communicate with them are unsuccessful due to the language barrier between humans and animals. The badger makes desperate attempts to get their attention, only to find herself in great danger each time.

The film employs a unique way of storytelling, where the protagonist is a mute but highly expressive animal, and there are no human characters in the film. Instead, the only human elements portrayed in the film are the sound effects characterizing both the construction site and the train. Despite this, the film is highly emotive and portrays the badger’s struggle for survival in a highly effective way.

As the conflict between the badger and the construction site worsens, the tension in the film reaches its peak. The climax of the story comes as the badger devises a risky plan to sabotage the construction site and protect her home. The scene builds up as she moves through the underground tunnels, working her way closer to her target. The animation and sound design at this point are highly impactful, making the viewer feel the intense anticipation the badger feels.

The film subtly addresses the theme of conservation and human encroachment on wild habitats. However, the message is never heavy-handed and is handled in a light and humorous manner. The film highlights the irony of humans’ encroachment on nature, with the train station being built in a location that was once home to an entire ecosystem of animals.

The animation style of the film is highly unique, with a textured look that gives the illusion of being sculpted in clay. The use of light, shadows, and textures makes the film look like a living painting, giving it a unique style that stands out even after over a decade since its release. The film was directed by Sharon Colman and produced by Cglobs and Passion Pictures. Rupert Degas, who plays the role of the badger, is noteworthy for his expressive voice acting.

In conclusion, Badgered is a stunning short film that is highly emotive and impactful despite being only a little over six minutes long. The film’s unique storytelling approach, coupled with its meticulously crafted animation, makes it a true masterpiece. The film will leave you rooting for a badger as she fights against the destruction caused by humans. Whether you are an animation fan, an environmentalist, or just someone looking for a heartwarming story, Badgered is a film worth watching.

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    6.4  (724)