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  • 1999
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 6.7  (1,054)
  • 52

Beefcake is a highly entertaining and thought-provoking film that offers a fascinating insight into the 1950s world of male physique photography. Directed by Thom Fitzgerald, the movie is based on a true story and depicts the lives of several young men who become models for Bob Mizer's Athletic Model Guild, a pioneering company that produced some of the most iconic images of the era.

The film follows the lives of two young men, Jack and Bob, who are both fascinated by the muscular physiques of the male models they see in magazines. Jack, who is played by Daniel MacIvor, is a shy and artistic young man with a passion for photography, while Bob, played by Joshua Peace, is a more outgoing and ambitious individual who dreams of becoming a successful model.

As the two men become friends, they are drawn into the world of the Athletic Model Guild, where they encounter a colorful cast of characters, including Bob Mizer, the flamboyant photographer who runs the company with a mixture of charm and ruthlessness; Joe Dallesandro, a legendary male model who becomes a mentor to Jack and Bob; and several other models who are struggling to make a living in an industry that is often exploitative and unforgiving.

Throughout the film, we see the characters grappling with issues of identity, sexuality, and the meaning of masculinity in a society that often values strength and physical beauty above all else. We also witness the creative process behind the production of the photographs, from the initial posing sessions to the final touches of airbrushing that give the images their iconic look.

But the film is not simply a nostalgic tribute to a bygone era. Instead, it offers a nuanced and nuanced look at the complex relationships between the models, photographers, and other players in the industry. It also raises important questions about the ethics of exploiting young men for commercial gain, and the role of art in shaping our perceptions of the human body.

In addition to its engaging story and strong performances by the cast, Beefcake is also notable for its striking visual style. The film is shot in black and white, with a carefully crafted retro aesthetic that captures the look and feel of the 1950s era. The camera work is also skillful, with a variety of creative angles and perspectives that bring the characters and their environments to life.

Overall, Beefcake is a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking film that will appeal to anyone interested in the history of male physique photography, as well as those who appreciate well-crafted storytelling and compelling characters. It is a testament to the power of art to both entertain and challenge us, and a reminder that the human body, in all its diversity and complexity, is a subject worthy of exploration and celebration.

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    1 hr 37 min
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    6.7  (1,054)
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