Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss

"Lights!... Camera!... Attraction!"
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Gay photographer Billy is young and struggling to make his mark in the industry. His love of Polaroid doesn't seem to serve him well in the business, and he is having trouble coming up with original, invigorating ideas. He hits upon a unique one, though, which involves shooting remakes of classic Hollywood kisses with male couples. Along with helping his career, he hopes that this project will help him win the affections of Gabriel, a waiter whom he enlists as a model. Gabriel might not be gay, but Billy hopes that he is and that he will love him back.

| 1998 | 1 hr 32 min | 6.6/10
Sean Hayes, Armando Valdes-Kennedy, Mr. Dan, Chad Boardman
Tommy O'Haver
Produced By
Meredith Scott Lynn
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss
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