Black Moon

"An apocalyptic Alice in Wonderland!"
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Black Moon is a collaborative film (between France and West Germany) from 1975 and directed by Louis Malle. The film was made to serve as Malle's social commentary on the Women's Liberation Movement of the 1970's. Despite being filmed in France and directed by a Frenchman, all of the film's dialogue is offered in English, without subtitles. It is a surreal story, revolving around the confused and teenaged Lily, played by English actress Cathryn Harrison. Lily is awakened to a war of the sexes and stumbles into several otherworldly scenes which all take place in and around a country estate.

Lily encounters several odd and strange scenes while she visits the country estate. Bare-naked kids are witnessed playing shepherd, driving sheep toward one place or another. Lily also discovers that several of the residents, including the groundskeeper (played by Joe Dallesandro) share her name. This "Brother Lily" doesn't speak, instead conveying information through a tactile method rather than through oration. The sister of the groundskeeper, played by Alexandra Stewart and credited as "Sister Lily," also helps with shepherding around the estate. One character, a bedridden old woman, played by Therese Giehse and credited as "Old Lady," speaks with an over-sized rodent and also works a ham radio by her beside. Old Lady is demanding, imploring both Sister Lily and Lily (later on in the film) to breastfeed Old Lady as a means of sating her Hunger

The last scenes of this art film involve Lily's pursuit of a magical unicorn across the estate. This leads her back to Old Lady's room where Lily prepares to offer her nipple to feed the unicorn, where the film ends.

In reverence of actress Therese Giehse, Black Moon is dedicated to her. Giehse perished shortly after the conclusion of filming.

| 1975 | 1 hr 40 min | 6.3/10
Cathryn Harrison, Therese Giehse, Alexandra Stewart, Joe Dallesandro
Louis Malle
Produced By
Claude Nejar
Black Moon
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