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"The Comedy that dreams the impossible scheme!"

Despite a time of incredible excess, the character Weslake works at "Garvey's Pawn Shop" after being laid off from his previous career. Further depressed, Weslake has only one friend, a homeless man named Turtle who is seen throughout the film looking for food. One day while Weslake is working at the shop, Ramon (an illegal from Mexico, living with his sister Maria) and Dillard (an amateur musician) come by with the intention of repurchasing a guitar which Dillard had pawned off previously. Lacking the funds to pay for it, the two men offer to trade it for a stolen car stereo. While the stereo isn't worth the price of the guitar, Garvey makes them a deal: install an alarm in the shop and the guitar is theirs. While Dillard hesitates, Ramon convinces Dillard that if he did install the security system, it might give Garvey enough comfort that he would the store unattended and give the two the opportunity to steal his guitar back.

The discussion between Ramon and Dillard is overheard by a pimp named Boardwalk. Boardwalk relays the news to Weslake, whom figures that with a new alarm system in place, it may very well cost him a job and leave him broke. Weslake decides to join Dillard and Ramon, becoming the mind of the endeavor and crafts a master plan to not only return to Dillard his guitar, but also to penetrate the shop's large vault.

Little time passes between the plan's completion and Garvey's announcement to Weslake that he'll be visiting his aged mother. The thieves' plan goes off, despite several snags, only to reveal that the big vault is completely empty; Garvey hadn't kept anything in it for years. The film ends with a drunk and grieving Garvey returning to his pawn shop (his mother passed on when he visited her), unaware of the men's true intentions, delighted to be surrounded by so many friends.

| 1984 | 1 hr 31 min | 5.1/10
Donald Sutherland, Jack Warden, Sean Penn, Wallace Shawn
Universal Studios
Louis Malle

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USA 1984 Crackers / Fnf Gauner machen Bruch / Pechvgel -Trailer (Deutsch)|1:51

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