The Thief of Paris

"The light touch of the masters! Malle makes… Belmondo takes."
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This is a comedy movie about a young man who discovers theft is going to be his new career. Georges Randal was brought up in a wealthy household, at the turn of the century, in Paris. When he comes of age, he finds his uncle who raised him, has stolen his inheritance to fund their lifestyle. He is now broke but not lost. He has fallen in love with Charlotte, his cousin. His uncle has plans for Charlotte to marry her to a rich man to increase the family’s fortunes again.

When he cannot have Charlotte, Georges decides he will take revenge. He steals her fiancé’s family jewels and decides a life of crime is in his future.

Not Rated
| 1967 | | 7.0/10
Jean-Paul Belmondo, Geneviève Bujold, Marie Dubois, Julien Guiomar
Louis Malle
The Thief of Paris
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Also starring Geneviève Bujold