Charlotte and Her Boyfriend

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Charlotte and Her Boyfriend is a short drama film made by French and Swiss director Jean-Luc Goddard. This 13 minute film and it is mostly filmed in one room of a hotel. The main character, Jean-Paul Belmondo, is going off on a rant at his girlfriend, Charlotte. The entire plot is basically Belmondo telling Charlotte how incompetent she is and how the lady cannot do anything right. The voice of Belmondo's character is actually dubbed by the director Goddord's voice. This short film is a enjoyable watch for anyone who likes to indulge in quick stories and great acting too.

1958 | 13 min | 6.6/10
Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anne Collette
Jean-Luc Godard
Produced By
Pierre Braunberger
Charlotte and Her Boyfriend
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