"Godard mixes up politics, love and the workers plight, with the struggles of filmmaking, in his cheeky brand of art."
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This movie is directed by Jean-Luc Godard. In the movie he has tried to portray the art for which he was famous, i.e. the connection between cinema and painting. The movie revolves around a director (Jerzy Radziwilowicz), who is trying to produce a quality film by the help of his visualization and paintings. He is facing some problems because the producers want a story in hand from him and they have refused him for providing further financing.

Jerzy is in an affair as well with the wife (Hanna Schygulla) of the manager of the hotel in which his staff and crew members are staying. The manager of the hotel, who is a factory owner as well, is in a little political war with Isabelle Huppert. Isabelle Huppert is a worker in the factory and she is making every possible effort to unionize workers. She is taking some interest in Jerzy as well.

Now Jerzy has to complete his work, has to convince the producers and has to manage all the staff and crew members as well. His creativity is at stake and if he will not be able to convince the producers, the whole story will end without any meaning and all finance will be drowned.

| 1982 | 1 hr 28 min | 6.2/10
Isabelle Huppert, Hanna Schygulla, Michel Piccoli, Jerzy Radziwilowicz
Jean-Luc Godard
Produced By
Armand Barbault, Catherine Lapoujade, Martine Marignac
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