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"Accountancy, Murder, Amnesia, Torture, Ecstasy, Understanding, Redemption"
  • R
  • 1994
  • 6.8  (6,911)
  • 53

In 1994, a film came out called Amateur with Isabelle Huppert, Martin Donovan and Elina Lowensohn. It was written and directed Hal Hartley. Huppert plays Isabelle, a person who used to be a nun, who is looking for a new mission from God. While she is waiting, she makes money by writing pornography. She eventually meets a man named Thomas who is an amnesiac that he has forgotten he was one of the most vicious pornographers in the world. He made his wife into one of the most infamous porn queens in the world. Sofia has gone on the run since she believes that she has killed Thomas. Huppert's character and Thomas have to investigate his past or his past could destroy him.

There is a rumor that Huppert got the role by contacting the director and insisting she gets the part in his next film. Some people say that the title of the movie is also an acronym that encompasses everything that happens in the film. A is for Acountancy. M is for Murder. A is for Amnesia. T is for Torture. E is for Ecstacy. U is for Understanding and R is for Redemption.

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    6.8  (6,911)
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