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"Catch the burglars!"
  • PG
  • 1971
  • 2 hr
  • 6.6  (2,969)

Le Casse is a 1971 French heist movie directed by Henri Verneuil, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Omar Sharif, and Dyan Cannon. The film centers around a group of thieves who plot to steal a collection of jewels from a heavily fortified bank in Marseille, France. The story begins when Azad (Omar Sharif), an Arabian oil tycoon, hires master thief Georges Randal (Jean-Paul Belmondo) to steal a jewelry collection worth $10 million from a well-guarded bank vault. Over time, the two become close friends despite having different backgrounds and lifestyles. Azad trusts Georges with his plan and offers him a huge sum of money for his services.

Georges starts assembling a team of thieves to help him with the heist. The team includes Eric Stark (Robert Hossein), a former policeman, Rhoda (Dyan Cannon), an American singer, and Azad's bodyguard, Colonel Salim (Raymond Pellegrin). Each member of the group has a specific skill set that is necessary for the plan's success.

The team begins to plan their heist, working on intricate details of the burglary, including figuring out how to circumvent the bank's security measures, and the exact time when they can make their move. They also need to find a way to escape undetected after steeling an incredibly valuable collection of jewels.

When the heist day arrives, the group executes their plan, which has been meticulously plotted and rehearsed. However, as one might expect in a movie of this genre, not everything goes as planned. Several unanticipated issues occur, testing the team's resourcefulness and resilience. As in any good heist film, there are several intense moments and a few twists and turns that keep audiences invested in the outcome of the burglary, as well as the fate of the characters.

Le Casse was praised for its excellent technical execution, especially the well-choreographed heist scene. Henri Verneuil also reportedly made an effort to keep the film's storyline and setting as realistic as possible, which would have added a sense of authenticity to the story. However, the exciting plot and slick direction alone have kept this film a favorite among fans of heist movies.

The film's three main stars all give noteworthy performances. Jean-Paul Belmondo once again shows why he was frequently referred to as the French James Bond, delivering a charismatic and daring performance. Belmondo's collaboration with director Henri Verneuil was especially noteworthy, with the two previously working together on several successful films. Meanwhile, Omar Sharif lights up the screen with his incredible charm and sophistication, adding a touch of glamour to the movie's setting. Lastly, Dyan Cannon brings her exuberance and energy to the film as Rhoda in contrast to the two suave men.

Le Casse offers viewers a thrilling and elegant heist movie filled with spectacular action scenes and engaging character interactions. Despite its age, the film still stands out as an engaging and enjoyable crime thriller, thanks to its careful direction, strong screenplay, and excellent performances from the leading actors. If you're a fan of classic heist movies or just looking for an exciting and well-executed film, Le Casse is an excellent choice to add to your watchlist.

Le Casse
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    6.6  (2,969)