The Horsemen

"A Horse Worth Killing For. A Dream Worth Dying For."
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"The Horsemen" is a movie based on a 1967 novel "Les Cavaliers" by Joseph Kessel. The movie takes place in a very mountainous area in the feudal Sunnni Kingdom of Afghanistan. A man's status was based on victories in a fierce version of polo from the time of Genghis Kahn. The master horsemen whipped their mounts, as well as their rivals, to fight to carry the ball called the buz, which is a dead calf, a long way, all the while being mercilessly assailed from all sides.

A former champion Tursen played by Jack Palance who is respected as a stable keeper of Lord Osman Bey, bred a superb white stallion named Jahil for a tournament outside the capital of Kabul. Tursen is too old and impaired by a crooked leg to participate but his son, Uraz, played by Omar Sharif represents the stable. If he wins, gets to keep Jahil, the horse which is prized above even life.

Uraz looses and his leg is badly broken, but instead of going to a hospital for treatment, he stubbornly decides to go home and gangrene sets in. Uraz persuades his servant to accompany him on the arduous journey home by promising him Jahil. However, on the way his servant is charmed by an unclean nomad, who has her eyes and heart set on Jahil, not the servant.

| 1970 | 1 hr 49 min | 6.3/10
Omar Sharif, Leigh Taylor-Young, Jack Palance, Peter Jeffrey
John Frankenheimer
Produced By
Edward Lewis
The Horsemen
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